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Kratos: JAPAN

By E-Mann
My friend and I were talking about God of War how its odd it doesn't do so well in Japan. I told him it might have to do with Kratos's design. Kratos don't fit the kind of Japans character archetypes. Most main characters in Japan are not to bulky they don't have facial hair and are a bit androgynous. Cloud, Squall, Titus, new Rygar, Dante and Raiden all seem to follow this. Anyway we kept joking around with the idea of what Kratos Japan would look like and then I did this up

LOL Enjoy :P
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Devil-Mech-Irons's avatar
And now, A God of War Anime must happen. XD
wsache007's avatar
That's a Good one :O
endneo's avatar
This is so true! xD
Love the colouring btw
fleshtearer91's avatar
with the exception of the tuft of hair on his forehead, I like it
TheOneTheOnlyAlastar's avatar
Otherwise, epic as hell.
TheOneTheOnlyAlastar's avatar
Ponytail would have been better.
DreamsphereINC's avatar
The real kratos would snap this guys body like a toothpick...MADE OF BALSAWOOD!

Haha, jokes aside amazing artwork!

kratos would murder every anime character in existence...that's probably why he didnt do so well, they were scared xD<
noobzero's avatar
japan only knows about idols and childhood bs... they dont deserve kratos is greatness
DreamsphereINC's avatar
:iconclapplz: truer words were never said
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
Weak. Not your art. Your art is good. But Japanese version Kratos looks... pathetic.
sonamylover4's avatar
The only thought I have is that the hair should be at the back of the head, not poking out of the forehead. Other than that, it's awesome.
Sekitonbo's avatar
He kinda reminds me of Zuko somehow...
AlertedRapierImp19's avatar
alexandergreat20's avatar
lol but srsly what's with the hair?
Shalethia's avatar
reminds me of zoko from avatar: the last airbender
TheChicagoRose's avatar
Lol this is great! Would you mind checking out my drawing of Kratos?
zaidrock's avatar
Syaz193's avatar
Uhh.. In my opinion, this is quite great. Nailed it like a real Japanese design of Kratos.
TomeMac's avatar
heh heh cool. But actually the reasoning is a bit more harsh. Part of the gaming market is stuck in the past, where western games are perceived as un-interesting. That is slowly changing though. On a side note, the GoW games are censored in Japan.
jamestheterrible's avatar
It makes my eyes blead the god of war will not be pleased lol :)
Dang please ignore the misspelling in the previous comment wasn't paying attention
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