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Gears of War Final MUNNY

By E-Mann
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This is the "Infamous" gears of War Munny I got in trouble for making. It was a a Christmas gift for My cousin who is a huge fan of the game. Essentially Epic Games's lawyer served me with cease-and-desist letter sighting me for a whole list of infringements and such. You can read a little more about it on the links below.

Heres a nice write up [link]

Heres when it hit the fan. [link]

In the end EPIC Games realized there mistake and released a public apology. [link]

Here's a knots to every one who does fan art. Be careful when you do fan art Because If companys are real antsy about there properties they will threaten you with legal action.

If you want to see more of the MUNNY

Here's A little site My friend Chris made which shows progress and more angles of the Munny and the box I moded.. [link]

The material presented here is my original creation, is not official and is not endorsed by Epic Games, Inc. Gears of War, Marcus Fenix and the Crimson Omen are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
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first of all, this is EPIC. Second, where can I get a munny fugure? I'm from the middle east and i don't see any of these anywhere
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There will only ever be one.
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It should be a compliment to you that Epic Games was threatened by this piece of awesomeness! :D
SiddTheFrickingNayak's avatar
Man, screw Epic Games, who do they think they are, doing shit like that? I mean, who the **** doesn't love this munny and its cuteness?! People like that really piss me off.
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I don't think it had to do with them liking it or not in fact when all this stuff came to a close I was contacted by the the vice president of Epic Game who said they loved it. It was really Epic's legal guys that were heading the witch hunt. I think what set them off is the fact that it looked like an it might be an official product. Even though I specifically said it was a one off and there was not going to be anymore got lost in translation. I think a lot of independent company like Epic games get really get antsy when people start doing fan work that looks official. In fact I was contacted by lots of artist who were having similar issues with Epic and people who were afraid it might happen to them. I Don't hate Epic Games I just think that their legal team overreacted, Gears was their first mega hit IP and I think even they weren't fully prepare for what was to come. In the end What came out of this was epic put up a fan art policy.
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wow Epic has serious money to throw around... for such silly things.. but at least its a great story to tell!
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lol nice job on PWNING EPIC
FlashDrive45's avatar
cutest damn thing ever!
trapperkeeper's avatar
Never has this total bad ass ever looked so adorable=EPIC WIN
curvedlines's avatar
I really wish they would comission these because I'm jealous. That however, shall never happen. Great, simply great!
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bumblebee034's avatar
thats cool how they let u off the hook due to a lawyer screw up
CB7's avatar
wish i could hav one
cactusfantastico's avatar
lol it looks like fenix, but cuddlier
lugiayoshi's avatar
Wow, and I thought Epic Games didn't care for one thing, but strict on another. Heck I seen someone fan modeled the COGs characters and added them into Unreal Tournament 3 (which is also made by Epic Games). So far I seen some fan models into UT3 with Halo, World of Warcraft, Naruto, and etc mods.
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I absolutely love this, so much I wish I had one! It looks great, a very cute little Marcus :heart: xD
:+fav: for sure.
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This is freakin' sweeet...:iconthumbsupplz:
KNKL's avatar
They're just jealous cuz they didn't think of it first! this is awesome!
hometownblues's avatar
That's really awesome. I've always like those things, and you can't get much cooler that G.O.W.
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I remember reading about this somewhere. I think it was on Something Awful.
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dude this is really nice, love your style
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I so want one! :)
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hahahaha really good
Karelliann's avatar
This whole story is kind of hilarious.
Awesome Munny.
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