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Chaotic: Nom

By E-Mann
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another fun color job.

Line art- Adrian Barrios- :iconcaptainluckypants:

Chaotic © 4 Kids Entertainment and TC Digital
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© 2009 - 2021 E-Mann
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Good job, I really miss Chaotic.  I wish you luck with your future artwork.
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It's hard to make out what I'm looking at here, but good job nonetheless.
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:iconheavyplz: Om nom nom nom.
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Hey I check nom,seeryn,and silv but where is the water one I really like her image it's awsome but the other are awsome too.
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I have this card!
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He looks delicious.
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Just looking at this again... Dang this is crazy.
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^^ I <3'd this card so much for the name ever since I got it...
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The bodyshape reminds me of a danian, yet... is he really one? Or is he an elemental called forth by a danian elementalist?
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I think hes an elemental that took the shape of a danian.
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Your colors are always so smooth and amazing, dude.
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Thanks :) hey by the way how did the NY Anime show go. I stopped by your table but you looked all busy so I didn't bug you.
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Dude, you should have said hey! It would have been awesome to see ya! Actually we had another A&D alum in the alley, Andrea Washington - did you catch her?

NYAF was great; really tiring but great. I heard next year they're merging it with NY Comic Con so it will be crazy! How'd the con go for you? :D
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I like looking at the colouring on these guys. very vivid, and the back lighting from the mounth. I never got the hang of it.
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Nice! Looks sort of like a video game boss.
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Monster coloring my dude.
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Awesome! I like the shading of the background an all, good job!! :woot:
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damn. awesome colors. was this done in photoshop or painter?
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Ok so this is some hot coloring bro. You know I am loving your work. When are you going to do a Cherry Bomb for me or Randy?
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