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Steven Universe

By e-hima
I believe in Steven. BLASTOFF!

Summer Daze 2014


The marathon was on today when I was finishing this, it was great to watch while doing so!

There's the Powerpuff Girls and Eureeka's Castle from the beach. And the Rugrat's coaster and Attack on Titan swings in the background!

And thanks to those who've been watching the livestreams. Two more to go!

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends by e-hima  Ed, Edd n Eddy by e-hima  Attack on Titan by e-hima  Rugrats by e-hima
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I love the fun use of colors!
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Is that the Powerpuff Girls I see in the bottom right corner?
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I thought those exact same words in the same order before I saw your comment
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Ha! I can totally see the Powerpuff girls down there!

Excellent addition.
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I know this comment is a bit late to the game, but this only appeared in my group feed. It's a fantastically fun style and a great take on the Crystal Gems as they party it up at the new, much funkier (and superbly retro) Funland. Steven looks so joyful in full animal mode, taking in too much at once (literally, with the donut too) at the same time. Amethyst is ever the bad influence but so much fun just for that reason. Pearl and Garnet are ever themselves and expressing it perfectly here. The Crystal Gems' outfits are fantastic. Bubbles' schoolgirl outfit and Blossom's flapper dress (IIRC) are quite a treat too. Great to see them there with the mayor and Buttercup sharing in the fun.


The amusement park itself is outstanding in all of the details, and all of the hand design work must have been exhausting, but so very worth it when I see how alive and wonderful this place is. Also, your use of color and lighting is terrific, especially the glows on the characters but still terrific on the lights of the park and then the subtle transition of the night sky in the distance. Wonderful work.
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Hi! I just thought you'd like to know that this week the site Unicorn Booty is doing a "Steven Universe Week", and to kick it off, there's a fanart roundup -- and this piece is in it!…

Thanks so much, and I hope you like the piece!
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I see the powerpuff girls!
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Who brings donuts on a roller coaster?Dreamy Donuts [emoticon] 
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Pewdiepie Fabulous #3 you're amazing you combined like my two favorite cartoons ppg is awesome and so is steven
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Yes YES More MORE!!
WickidlyStrange13's avatar
Steven Universe is so awesome!
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this is fantastic! are there prints available anywhere? 
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I will have prints (and possibly phone cases) available of my work later this summer. When that happens, I will make a journal post stating so! Thanks for your interest. :)
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I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE! You put the power puff girls in the bottom right corner along with the mayor OOOOMMMGGGG!!!
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The is so gorgeous, the colors look amazing!
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garnet looks nice in slightly curly hair:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Oh my God this is so awesome!
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i like this style 
am I right to be reminded of tekkonkinkreet when I look at this?
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That's a huge compliment, thanks! :D
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