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A Convention to Remember
The Daring Do Convention was in full swing once again. The convention all in Manehattan was pack with fans of the series of all ages. One such fan, a certain red and black Pegasus, was currently enjoying a mixed fruit drink at the bar.  Sketch Charmer sipped his drink as he looked over the crowd, and then checked his watch.
“Where are they?” He asked no one in particular. “We did say we’d meet here at noon, right?”
Sketch Charmer sighed as he went back to his drink. This was his first time in Manehattan and his first time at this convention. He knew his friends were going to be here, and thought they were going to hang out together.
“Eh, maybe they just got stuck in traffic,” he reasoned. “That happens a lot here.”
That did little to lift his spirits, though, he was watching all these people having fun, but he couldn’t enjoy it himself. It was more fun doing it with friends after all. Sketch was so into his thoughts that
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Kilala Fun Fact Contest Entry 01
Claire and Crème
It seemed like a slow day today at Hearthfire Jewellery, but Claire was making the most of it by making some new piece to sell. At the moment, she was putting the finishing touches a new bracelet. She ever so gently set one last, small emerald into its fitting and gave it one more look.
“Perfect,” She said.
She set the bracelet on a tray with her other finished product, and (using magic) carried the item out into the showroom. As she started to place and arrange the new items into a display case; she kept an eye on her little helper, her niece Oasis. Apparently, she had a day off from school and her parents gave her permission to spend it with her favorite aunt. While Oasis was mature for her age, Claire couldn’t help but wonder how true that story was; especially since the little bat-winged filly had such a worried look on her face while she slowly flew through the shop and dusted the display cases.
“Oasis,” the dragon-pony hy
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Clashing Sword – Unicorn
Appearance: A White stallion with a short black mane and tail (Think military haircut) and blue eyes. His Cutie Mark is two swords put together in an X shape.
Backstory: A royal knight of Canterlot, Clash is friends with Shining Armor (whom he met in basic training) and looks up to him greatly. Because of this, he’s a little too embarrassed to come out and say he has a crush on Armor’s sister, Twilight Sparkle. In “Dragonshy,” Celestia asked Clash to go to Ponyville to give aid to Twilight and her friends should they fail the make the dragon leave. Since then, Clash has moved to Ponyville “on assignment” to protect it should more trouble come there. Overtime, Clash also began to develop feeling for Rainbow Dash, making him even more conflicted because of his feelings for Twilight; but when Twilight became a princess, he began to think he was not good enough for her anymore.
Personality: Clash
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Joe Repka
United States
Fanfiction writer.

I have little art skills, so if anyone is able to help bring my characters to life, let me know and we can work something out.
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So, after some years, I'm gonna try and post things on here again (tried a few times around the time of my last journal entry and had problems). I'm mostly going to be posting information on my characters here, just so people can have a source to go to with little hassle of digging. The downside is I'm more of a writer than an artist, so if anyone can help me give my characters a physical form, please let me know. Anyway, well see how it goes this time.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: First group of OCs posted successfully. Let's hope the other uploads go as smoothly.


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