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December 15, 2020
Elf Queen and Holy Griffon by e-guerrero
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Elf Queen and Holy Griffon


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Hey guys,
I share this illustration I made for Legend of the Cryptids.
Hope you like it :D…
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© 2020 - 2021 e-guerrero
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I'm looking for an artist to do the cover of my second espionage roleplaying game book. If interested let me know.

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Unbelievably food work :)
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*good, sorry XD
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Wow! This is amazing. The details on the armor and head dress of the Elf are incredible! This is a true masterpiece. Super excellent work!

Sugar baby needed
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Love the art style

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Amazing !! Well done!

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WOW! Fantastic work! I love all the elaborate details!!! Incredible!

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Holy moley ! This is outstanding !

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that art is so cool i like the style and the perfect color it's amazing keep going the people love your art it's so majestic and merry christmas everyone

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Amazing work. Loved the color scheme

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What a truly beautiful and majestic piece of fantasy art.

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The imperious gaze of the godlike elf-queen fixed itself upon the hapless messenger shivering before her. Trapped in a mixture of reverence, fear and being downright chilly, the messenger raised his right hand in a solemn salute. Her eyes narrowed slightly, though her expression did not flinch, as if carved in stone, while her gigantic steed erupted in an ear-splitting roar, tapering off into a shrill, nerve-shredding squawk. "Well, little man," she intoned at last, and the man thanked his maker his bowels were empty otherwise he'd have filled his pants in dread. "What do you bring me?"

Hands trembling, he reached into his leather saddle bag and removed a plaque of sterling silver, engraved with emerald letters. Averting his eyes from that terrible gaze, he hesitantly offered it to her, only to feel the great griffon snatch it up in its beak, barely missing his fingers, and tossed it into the air for her to catch effortlessly, such was her grace and skill. "Don't shoot the messenger!" he screamed, dropping to his knees, covering his face.

The queen studied the plaque with a mixture of bemusement and amusement, before her granite expression finally dissolved into a gentle smile, and what had been a terrible goddess of woe and dread was suddenly an enchanting beauty to worship and adore. "A daily deviation?" she whispered, gazing wistfully into the distance. "For me? You really do love me!" She glanced down at the astonishing delivery boy and reached out to tousle his hair. "Well, done, good sir. Here." She reached into her saddle bag, retrieved a gold coin, and flipped it his way. "Enjoy some hearty ale on me. Now come, my steed!" She dug her spurs into the griffon's flank and with a roar it soared into the heavens. "I have to go show this to my parents!"

The messenger gawked in disbelief at what he had witnessed, then at the gold coin before happily pocketing it. "Well," he said, humming to himself in victory. "That was cool."

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Wow, you really impress me with your creativity. The way you narrate makes me vividly imagine the scene with the messenger. I had a great time reading this story and I was able to see the expressions and movement of the characters. Thank you very much for taking the time for this.:heart:

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nWow, that's really nice to read. :3 I'm glad you liked it, and think I'm creative. That's really great coming from an artist like you. Congrat son the award too. ^^

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A masterpiece! Absolutely stunning work :heart:

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bonito dibujo.

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I wish the feathers were not flying around like that. It feels like the griffin is in the middle of shedding. Other than that, this is a well deserved daily deviation.

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