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Amy In Sonic 2 Sprite Sheet

More Genesis style Amy, this time for Sonic 2. As with the Sonic 1 sheet, these are edited from the Sonic CD Amy sprites.

EDIT: Forgot to update for changes made last revision. Special thanx to ChelseaCatGirl for touching up some of the sprites.
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Can you also give the Super Amy Palette?

What about Modern Amy Title Screen sprites?

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Sonic 2 Pink Edition? Just look it up elsewhere, or rip it yourself

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Hi! May i edit this for a sonic mania mod im making? I would also like to use the title frames from the sonic 1 amy as well
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If you want. I'd be flattered.
Fredbearfan1983's avatar
Ok thanks! Could you actually help me on the mod because some sprites(like the cpz chemical thing) are not here. Do you have a discord?

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what about super amy?
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Can I use these sprites for a sonic mania mod?
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There are no sprites for Super Amy, it's just a lighter glowing pink.
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Hey,can you send me a link to download for Sonic 2?I dont found any that hacks works.Plz,can u send me one?(In good quality,I will rip Tails sprites).

BTW,nice work XD
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If you're looking for the hack it's on Sonic Retro:

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I was looking for a Sonic 2 download(to the hack works and to rip Tails sprites),but thanks :D
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My comment is the same. Also, the asking permisson part.
The-Irish-Clover's avatar
Great work! ^^ These sprites are awesome! :D
sakikawasaki's avatar
Omg. I loved this so much I downloaded it! :D
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Cute!!! I wish so much she would be in Generations...but shes not O: only modern amy.
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You know, she first appeared in Sonic CD, which was in the 1990's.
Shadowtails-Derol's avatar
Uhh noo jeee.. Yah i know she appeared in sonic cd
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I congratulate you, it's a good job.
I admire you.

I love Amy Rose Classic
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oh wow this is amazing you have great skill in spriting! its a shame amy never really got to have her time in the spotlight back would be so cool if you could make amy and sally playable together like sonic and tails is in the game!
FirebirdPhoenix87's avatar
Oh wow. Looks great. :D
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