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The Witcher 3| Triss Merigold cosplay

By Dzikan
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Some new intimate pictures with beautifull Triss~

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Photo | :icondzikan:
Triss Merigold | :icondisharmonica

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This is a gorgeous photo I love the way the lighting makes every color pop.

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very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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Very oniric, congratulations!
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Fantastic! Amazing costume!
wwfan's avatar
Wow. She would make a great giantess. Please use her again.
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Sweet Witcher Cosplay photography.
 Triss Merigold is sweet in Witcher 3.

Forcedlactationlover's avatar
The player is lovely!! 
Nerddesign3d's avatar
Very nice! She really looks like Triss.
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Absolutely stunning!
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I saw this and first thought it was CG... so stunning!
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Perfection! Best Triss Merigold cosplay I have seen Love Absolutely amazing!
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Wow! That's awesome. and she is gorgeous.
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ein echt tolles Bild, mit einer wirklich wunderschönen Frau,
ganz super in Szene gesetzt,
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This shot is perfect.  Nice pose and capture.
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i thought this was an actual image from the game for a second
DeadKnight1's avatar
That's when you know it's a good image.
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God you are absolutely beautiful.
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damn, that looks impressive! well done on the cosplay!
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So gorgeous :o
Love the lighting :D
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Absolutely stunning x
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