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...'cause this deviantART account holds mostly D&D, and has only a fraction of my Slice of Life stories.

Other places with my content are below:

Derpibooru (where besides D&D I uploaded 95% of my Slice of Life stories, excluding the more boring ones)

Reddit (a thread in my sub, where I also uploaded the "meh" 5% of stories, though reddit has blocked the commenting+upvoting in these posts now, due to their age)

Fimfiction (only a few stories there, because I mostly do ponymotes)
Likely I will be uploading math in super-small portions. No fun enough ideas for any big things that entice me.

Also, I'll submitting my older (mostly comedy) emote-based comic-like stories which gained small popularity elsewhere, plus actual comics.

...okay, figuratively. ^^'

You see, guys, I have been INCREDIBLY lazy and dismotivated majority of my life, fighting -- and often losing -- a fight with myself. Trying through trail and error how to make myself do things I enjoy -- and which I was not doing because they required dedication and patience.

I even was making RPG-like Experience Points lists, leveling myself up by doing chores, to try to make myself do stuff.

But ever since May of this year I finally found a method which perfectly fits my psyche, like hoof and a horseshoe. :)

Ever since then I was reading thousands of pages of textbooks and science articles (math, programming, psychology...), spending hours dawn-to-dusk (okay, actually 11 am to 3 a.m-ish), grinding (+ exercise; gotta stay healthy, yo!), in hope that I will eventually get a job of my dreams which I finally spotted.

(And even if I won't -- I AM ENJOYING MYSELF IMMENSELY.)

So basically for the past months I was devouring textbooks, instead of swimming or partying like normal people... but normal is SO boring, so whatevs.

Anyways, returning to the MLP updates: I am brainstorming how to implement things which I have learned into the analyses.

I won't be playing a psychologist on the characters, since so many other people did it already. My speculations will be still math-based (but like mentioned, probably no more pure stats. Will probably sprinkle that shit with some graph theory, set theory and Bayesian stuff and shit.)

I am lazy no more, but I put such a workload on myself that I merely have time for some light fan-fic reading, light gaming and an occasional walk around the town -- the whole day is spent studying otherwise. Studying-to-relaxing ratio is about 2-to-1.

Once I figure out WHAT to do for MLP math, and HOW to fit it into the day, I will immediately go for it.

Probably it will serve me as practicing-what-I-read-from-textbooks, instead of pure fun. I don't wanna waste time an analyses, if I can both waste time on them AND learn something from them (but then it wouldn't be time wasting anymore, would it?)

Time has become a more valuable resource for me recently.

Anyways, I won't be saying WHEN I will make the next update, because I don't know myself.

Thanks for all the comments, and I hope you will like my next deviation, whenever it might appear. ;)


TL;DR: Got my butt tattoo. Studying meth, psychosis and computars like a mothafucka. Will probably use that knowledge in the next analysis, but don't know when exactly.
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Half the Battle, owner of a small MLP analysis website did a lot more extensive MLP Screentime Analysis than mine; it includes many ponies besides Mane Six, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Cheerilee and the CMC.

Here is the link to the the summary:…

...and to the detailed Excel spreadsheet:…

A difference to note: this guy, unlike me, does NOT ignore the moments when ponies are featured on still pictures (like for example on a family photo standing on top of a fireplace).

I will probably stick exclusively to MLP Math Trivia calculations in the future, using more advanced maths.

And possibly also use HIS raw data to come up with some interesting conclusions (possibly more than just finding correlations between pairs of characters).
Reason for not updating recently. Simple as that. They'll last 2 weeks. Will update the screentime analysis sooner though (I am at the very end of episode 3x10).

Not THAT busy - just something stops me from doing pony math when I have more important math to take care of.
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During past months I was mostly occupied with forum RP, random net browsing and a few unsuccessfull attempts at writing a longer fan-fic (but I am still trying), and now I am again resuming doing the mathematical analyses.

Had a few problems with trying to decide which math problems I wanted to take care of first, and how to make them interesting, but finally made up my mind.

Technically I already partially took care of one of the requested things: pony plot count (…) but will have to redo it due to insufficient accuracy caused ambiguities found in many scenes, and my mistake of focusing only on mane 6 instead of all ponies in the show.

Just in case if anyone doesn't minds a little bit inaccurate data, here's the excel sheet download:…