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[Translated] Curveball (Request #21)

We can assume that this is an AU where, besides Discord, Chrissy is also going through rehabilitation

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If this is a normal day, I don't think she'll stick with rehab for very long.

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Agreed. Also, it wasn't specifically requested, but I still made the ponies bullies here... no idea why. >.> is it funny enough to justify them being OOC?

In a single-page comic you can play pretty loose with characterization to set up the joke.

"I don't have holes in my head"

If for one moment you think you can talk to Pinkie and expect it to stay in the realms of sanity, then yes. Yes, you DO have holes in your head.

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To be fair, Pinkie does have that uncanny ability of giving you a Ray of Hope, misleading you, via her words, for the briefest moments, that her Train of Thought will eventually ride at least into the vicinity of something resembling Common Sense.

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