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Sizes and mass

DANG... pony's head REALLY adds to its mass, doesn't it?

Lately no motivation for bigger things. This was supposed to be a part of a bigger project - but my indecision on what else I wanted to calculate froze my progress.

I think I'll test-drive a tactic of uploading singular trivias, instead of big presentations.

EDIT: I un-half-assed the thing and re-adjusted the size of a picture so the pixels-to-centimeters ratio actually is like written (and added the picture from which I got the size info directly into the image).

Calculations were and are still valid.


:iconraritynoesplz: Oh, Pinkie Pie... why did I listen to you and let you let me eat a whole Mille-feuille all by myself?? Do you realize how difficult it will be to lose all those pounds I just gained?!
:iconpinkieembarrasedplz: Uhm... sorry Rarity... but you have to admit that that Mille-feu-something was good, right?
:iconraritypoutplz: Yes, it was delightful... even TOO delightful if you want to know my honest opinion.


Seasons 1-3 analysis:

Ponyville's population analysis:

Birth, pregnancy, coitus & death statistics:
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Wow this is pretty awesome, I didn't realize ponies would be so big! (And yeah that head sure adds a lot, it's huge!)
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Makes me wonder how the *heck* their necks don't break under all that weight.
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Necks made of titanium I guess, IDK. Maybe Pinkie Pie uses her cartoon physics to keep everyone's necks from snapping lol
Just FYI,
Your calcs for pony heads are based on spherical solids...but actually, skulls contain sinus cavities, which lighten up the weight a bit, as well as cause those fun infections and swelling we all get from time to time...
I have NO IDEA how much void sinuses would account for in your analysis, but I thought I'd throw that out there...maybe some website for a Veterinarian has a percentage calc of that...
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Take into the account that I assumed the density of water, not flesh... and all those shape approximations I did. I would have to be REALLY precise with everything else for the sinus cavities to make a meaningful difference. This estimation is EXPECTED to be slightly innacurate.
I figured on an tolerance +/- what, 5% or so? From a fast Google search, I noticed equine sinuses account for almost 1/3 of volume of the upper portion of the skull. So, using your cylinder volume, splitting it on the horizontal in half, and divided into 3/3, you have roughly a 16% reduction in total weight, if pony skulls have a roughly equivalent anatomy to a horse. That change on the lever arm of the neck is not insignificant to the CG.
And BTW, your logic and analysis is sound.
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Rarity actually matches some data I've seen on Shetland ponies (more so than other breeds).  Not sure how close Sweetie is to actual foals, though
Where is their center of mass located?
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A little below pony's neck. Head really skews its location to the front and up.

(Note: pony's shape is too complicated for me to do proper calculations. I just analyzed each limb's mass and its location on pony's body, and estimated the center of mass with my gut.)
Alright, I just had the idea of copy/pasting some green screen ponies on Algodoo, and indeed, if you cut out their tails and mane (since those aren't made of flesh) they barely avoid falling on their faces, the center of gravity seems to be close to where you said it, just a tad behind the base of the neck on most cases i tested so far.

It wasn't a very accurate test though 'cause the way it works it is like everything is the same thickness, so the legs are pulling the CoG a bit more bellow and behind from where it should really be; which puts it pretty close to your guestimation!
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Good to hear that my imagination doesn't fail me; I had the distinct feeling that I wasn't exercising it enough recently.
So their back legs are almost just hanging from their bodies without supporting any weight themselves? Hm, so those crappy costumes Hasbro uses on those stage shows aren't all that off the mark after all... xD
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XD Heh, wonder if there are any physics geeks out there who'd appreciate this unintended compatibility.

...and if that joy would be enough to negate the cringe-inducing qualities of the costumes' appearance.
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This work is awesome! you are awesome!

Ok, I got some question:
-How much is 1 Wingpower? 
-Dependent on body weight and wing span length, is a pegasus even able to fly (that fast) by her own or is there a magical factor?
-How fast do you need to go for a sonic rainboom? (I don't expect it to be the speed of sound)
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Answer to the third question: Yes, it is the speed of sound -- but speed of sound is dependant on the density of matter (in this case: Equestrian air) surrounding the object, so Equestrian speed of sound is not neccesarily the same as ours.

I found some guys speculated the same question and here are their calculations (translated from Russian via Google Translate):
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I actually arrived at a a similar conclusion by taking the average size of an apple and using that to determine the size of the pony as being between 3-4" tall. :)

I can't believe I forgot about the mention of an actual size somewhere in an episode.
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All these numbers. My brain is like :iconmindfulloffuckplz:
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Except... Rarity is a marshmallow. And given that marshmallows have a density 21% of water (source, Rarity therefore weighs 216*0.21=45lbs, or about the weight you'd expect for a foam-packed plush of the same size.
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I've made a completely new Ponyville Statistics collection group just so these statistics things of yours are saved - now I can use them as potential reference points for fanfics! :D
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So.. you're telling me that Pinkie Pie is heavier than me? So... I flying hug from Pinkie would hurt then... sads..
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Seeing this only makes me wonder about the mass of Luna and celestia...
mushisan's avatar
...the way you invoke numbers, soon you open a portal to Equestria...
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Rarity: You see darling, that is why you can't carry me across the threshold!
Thats why I got this dolly for you, it will handle your 216 pounds!
Rarity: You really do not know how to handle a lady, putting me on a dolly and rolling me around...

Thank goodness, I did not mention the forklift.

Looks great.
Kudos on the stats.
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what about Alicorns?
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