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Ponyville Statistical Trivia: Population


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Everything wrong with "Dragonshy":……


EDIT 7th April, 2012: Corrected a large error in mug's size I found.

Time taken: 10 - 16 hours.

The small apparent errors in multiplication are not mistakes; they include multiplied fractions that were not shown earlier due to rounding.

Assuming a population of 3,650, if you walked around Ponyville and managed to meet 100 ponies every day, then after a week you would have a 68.4% chance of meeting at least one of the Mane 6.
You would have to meet at least 1,400 ponies if you wanted for that probability to be bigger than 90%.

S1 - S3 screentime analysis:
Pony size and mass estimation:
Life, death, sex, pregnancy and birth:
"20% cooler, 10 seconds flat" meme's thermodynamics calculaton:

Screentime analysis paper fallout:
Binary Mane 6 Picture:
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I see that college has been useful to someone...

On another note, can you count the population of Canterlot next? Maybe the whole of Equestria? Or the Changelings?

Maybe you can ask several of the developers of Hearts of Iron 4's : Equestria at War where did they get the figures for the populations they use?

In any case, really nice maths you got there.