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MLP:FiM S1-S3 Char Screentimes and Correlations

Excel sheet download:

EqD feature:…

Final Upload: 23.04.2013

Reason for the delay: Me trying to add many different math trivias and make the whole thing look all fancy and dandy, and not finishing it as a consequence. I think I'll settle for simplicity for now.

>.> ...damn is it ugly. But I guess better ugly than not uploaded at all, right?

Estimated total time spent: 140 - 180 hours.

Margin of error:
Since the timers of the video players I used show only full seconds, I had to guess how the fractions of seconds were long when added up together.
On average, in each episode there may be a 10 second difference between the real screentime of a character and the screentime I calculated - but since it can be either more or less than reality, given the number of episodes and the fact that all of the characters are prone to this miscalculation, the overall screentime difference will probably be negligable.


Ponyville population analysis:
Pony size and mass estimation:
Life, death, sex, pregnancy and birth:
"20% cooler, 10 seconds flat" meme's thermodynamics calculaton:

Screentime analysis paper fallout:
Binary Mane 6 Picture:

Other guy's more up-to-date screentime:…
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This is seriously awesome, but dude... you obviously have too much free time.
dziadek1990's avatar
It doesn't take that much. If I did this every single day, it would take merely half of an hour daily to keep up with episodes as they come. I spend a lot more than that just derping around the net.
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Well, really good job! I sure hope you will add CMC, too :)
dziadek1990's avatar
TwitchBunny's avatar
Seriously, so much awesome!
WolfRaid's avatar
dang, i never realized how little screen time FS had in season 2 and 3.
MillennialDan's avatar
Sucks, I tell ya.
CelestialRainicorn's avatar
Wow Twilight actually got more screen time than Twilight?

dziadek1990's avatar
I'm also surprised. I thought only Pinkie was capable of having more screentime than HERSELF. :P
ekevoo's avatar
Any chance of adding the CMC in the next edition?
Too bad you couldn't count each Pinkie Clone as a separate body for screen time. I would be inaccurate, be fun to see the line shoot straight up
ekevoo's avatar
It'd be FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!
Shiva491's avatar
*jawdrop* This is the sort of thing I start on and never finish.
eeveeextreme's avatar
There seems to be multiple SPIKES in a certain dragon's amount of screen time *shot*
catluvr2's avatar
So for S3, the screentime shipping is RariShy?

S2 is TwiSpike? Hmm, interesting.

S1 is TwiSpike. Of course.

Now for the antishipping.

S3: Rainbow Spike

S2: Pinkie Spike

S1: FlutterSpike (which is odd because of how interested she is in him in Ep1)
Gebirges's avatar
AJ took the cake!
Cool data set! One thing though: I would definitely use bars instead of lines. It's not a continuous process like outdoor temperature development but rather discrete instances. Would be more legible too, I guess!
EmperorJewel's avatar
The one I find interesting is that Rarity and Spike are actually more likely to not be in the same scene.
DracoBlair's avatar
Best pony tops S3 charts!
2bitmarksman's avatar
Ahem, best pony tops all 3 seasons charts :iconapplejackplz:
Luigi-iz-da-bomb's avatar
Well if you go alphabetically, AJ does. And while I respect your opinion on who the best pony is, you are wrong.

Just kidding. Don't kill me. I like AJ but not as much Fluttershy.
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