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MLP FIM S1 and S2 characters' screentime analysis

By dziadek1990
EqD Article:…

Excel sheet download: (see link to seasons 1-3)

Depending on the number of characters present and frequency of shots' changes, analyzing each episode took from less than an hour up to three.

Estimated total time spent: 110 - 150 hours.

Margin of error:
Since the timers of the video players I used show only full seconds, I had to guess how the fractions of seconds were long when added up together.
On average, in each episode there may be a 10 second difference between the real screentime of a character and the screentime I calculated - but since it can be either more or less than reality, given the number of episodes and the fact that all of the characters are prone to this miscalculation, the overall screentime difference will probably be negligable.

Seasons 1-3 analysis:

Ponyville's population analysis:

Birth, pregnancy, coitus & death statistics:
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Wow. AJ isn't behind all the other's? (and here everyone keeps calling her a background pony)
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:) Sethisto accidentally linked to the seasons 1&2 analysis. The link to the all-three-seasons analysis is in the description.

And AJ was called a background pony because she didn't have many episodes dedicated solely to her. Even when she was on the screen, she didn't do important stuff often. Her spotlight time was comparatively shorter to the rest's.
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The first thing here I saw with more downloads than views. You had one job, dziadek1990. And you did it. Amazing.
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:) Thanks. Please do note the link in the description to the all-three-seasons analysis which features the rest of the episodes. Sethisto accidentally linked everyone to THIS one.
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Hehe, thanks for the info, I already read the description and found the link. :) Maybe you should have included a Trixie graph in the all-three-seasons version. ;)
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Why does pinkie hold the record screen time in an episode? She peaks higher than twilight does.
AbyssalEmissary's avatar
It seems that she had more screen time in "A Friend in Deed" than Twili had in any other episode. Understandable, as she is the only Mane 6 character involved in this story whereas Twilight always had to share the time with others in the other episodes.
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So YES! Twilight Sparkle won for being seen in a longest duration of time. 
dziadek1990's avatar
;) Somepony should tell Seth that he linked the wrong analysis. This one's includes only seasons 1 and 2. The 1-3 analysis is linked in the description.
addy1235's avatar
Rainbow Dash got third.Not bad for my favorite pony.
I think you got 2x12 and 2x13 or something like that mixed up.
garciarael's avatar
:icondespairplz:: My best pony has the lowest screen time among the rest aside from Spike! :iconspikenoplz:
dziadek1990's avatar
But look: Fluttershy has merely 30 seconds less of screentime than AJ - that's a little more than half a second per episode. The margin of error of my measurements is bigger. She still COULD have a second-last place amongst Mane 6.
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But if you take season three into account, she's way, way behind.
garciarael's avatar

:icongilgameshplz:: Please don't worry him like that.

dziadek1990's avatar
... but in a good way, right?
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My Little Pony Nerdyness level: ERROR! ERROR! SYSTEM WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 30 SECONDS. 29... 28... 27...

Seriously though... NICE FREAKING JOB! :o
You should total be some kinda mathematician... or... something along those lines... :D
dziadek1990's avatar
:) Thanks, and I am already a math student at an institute... and let's be honest: this graph required mostly patience to make it, because how hard counting seconds is when you compare it to calculus which I am studying?

Making graphs like this for me is easy... though I will have to deal with my laziness towards OTHER things, like writing fan-fics and analyses like the one I made on Ponyville's population - I am a REALLY lazy bum when it comes to stuf like that.
Mynameisnotdavid's avatar
Your welcome! :D
Keep doing what you do, " s'gonna gecha far, kiddo".
And remember that you shouldn't be lazy! That wont help you at all!

"Heh heh, look who's talking..." :lol:

dziadek1990's avatar
Well, sprinkle with me with pasta and call me "gravy".

... whatever that means...

Anyways, I am constantly trying, but my friggin ADHD keeps being my enemy and-- OOH, SHINY! 8-D
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