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Sorry, Ocellus, but you know your skills are irreplaceable and invaluable for this sort of research.

Although you really do need to make sure you fully learn your lines before you start the experiment.

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Ocellus is an amateur, so her mistakes are kinda excusable...

...but how the HECK did Chrissy screw up impersonating Cadance so bad during her debut?? She acted nothing like her!

Pride, I assume. She probably overestimated her ability to improvise convincingly and underestimated the opposition she would face. And she probably didn't even learn anything from the experience, since that would require her to admit that there's anything she needs to learn.

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That was funny and cute.

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You're lucky Fluttershy didn't fall for this, or Discord would have ended you, suckers :D

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Ended? :-p Like they said, they would give back the bits right after Shy gave the money. They did not want the bits (ok, Smolder wanted some). They just wanted to SEE if Flutts would give it. Pure curiosity.

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Still, making his waifu worried and tricking her is a sure way to ensure destruction, hehe

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