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Data Gathering Fallout

The total (I think) collection of paper that was left after analyzing the whole 2nd season of MLP ([link]), to satisfy the curiosity of people who wanted to know a bit more about the data-gathering process and/or simply wanted to know how much paper I used up.

At the moment the lighting in the apartment kinda sucks, and I am just getting hang of how to adjust the digital camera's light-sensitivity options.

Dunno, maybe I'll upload a collage of a better quality later when the former conditions or latter's skills improve.

Papers prior to, and after 2nd season, I got/will be ridding of.
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This actually looks like some sort of plot device that they would use in some thriller series like Marble Hornets...
dziadek1990's avatar
"Plot device" orrr... "Plot... *nudge-nudge* *wink-wink* ... device"?
Mynameisnotdavid's avatar
Vibrating plot device! ;)
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Do you ever imagine some future civilization unearthing these documents, and then trying to figure out what they mean?
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Yeah - and the only conclusion they could possibly have would be: "Some guy has REALLY too much free time on his hands..."
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O mój boże. To wygląda jak notatki Johna "Pięknego umysłu" Nasha. Pod koniec projektu weź je wszystkie, poprzypinaj dookoła swojego pokoju do ścian pinezkami i połącz sznurkiem, potem siądź pośrodku pokoju i zrób sobie zdjęcie.
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Nie no... piękna wizja... Chyba jednak będę ponownie kolekcionował te kartki bo większości z trzeciego sezonu się pozbyłem (no i pierwszego też niek zbierałem).
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-Can't edit comments on deviantart so I'll just write it again-

first thing I thought when I saw this:
"how do you even function?"
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When you give up on social life and fun, everything becomes easy. :)

Seriously though: Disappointed with failing in studies one time too many, I felt the horrible need to do SOMETHING productive, and that was my driving force in doing those analyses. I would've actually suffered then if I DIDN'T do them.

Now they are a little less enjoyable, but they serve as one of tools for training my discipline - something I feel the need of improving.
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first thing I thought when I saw this
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