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Sorting ceremony

By dzhu
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Chapter ten or eleven, Harry is going to be sorted. Sorting hat and students of Hogwarts start to experience sense of impending doom.

“Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” illustration by GIMP.
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This picture, actually, greatly suits russian fanfic "Terminator", where Harry is a sick mad bastard, who manages to convert Sirius to maphia lord, weaponise Nevill's cauldron-melting potion, kill a basilisk with a Molotov cocktail and either electrocute and then lobotomise Voldemort in St.Mungo's hospital/accidentaly lobotomise him with a lucky headshot/drive him insane by (Potter) imagining himself as a kawaii little girl from anime during legilimence by Voldemort. Sorting Hat even said there "Oh my... Too bad I can't sort you directly into Azkaban". Also, Harry's Patronus here is a silver battle tank. If you want to read this madness in russian (no translation available), there you go:… .
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Thank you, I'll have a look.
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Shouldn't this be chapter 11, technically?  I mean..


Actually no, I mean...

'The Sorting Hat Screamed, an awful, high-pitched sound.... with a desperate yowl, it leapt off of Harry Potter's head and bounded across the floor, pushing itself along its brim, and it made it halfway to the Head Table before it exploded.'
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Maybe, I will check, thank you.
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Well, eleven was the Omake chapter, the one with all the crazy alternatives.
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Harry's tilted grin is plain awesome
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ok, i am now in love with your style--it's so surreal and creepy...just the way i like it! =P
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