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Spirit of hearth's warming yet to come

Tools used: PaintToolSAI.
I lost my previous file with normal Luna's face. Now it looks strange.

Characters: Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer from My Little Pony ~Friendship is Magic~.
(C) Hasbro.
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Whoa! Princess Luna looks like a true angel of death in this one.

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I'm a simple geek, it just reminds me of the raven queen from D&D. Beautiful art.
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This is beyond gorgeous!!! Everything about it is amazing!!!
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Beautifully done. The song of Luna's Future is one of my favorites of the MLP FIM series. You captured the moment in this scene very well.
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Very cool picture all around (the mood is excellent) but my favorite part is the wings. Do you mind if I use them for reference in some of my future modeling?
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This seems to be more like a prophecy of the inevitable is Fallout Equestria is cannon.
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Даже не смотря на то, что по вашим словам, лицо Луны вышло получилось не очень (что файл с "нормальным" её лицо повредился), рисунок всё равно просто великолепен :^)
P.s. Лично мне кажется, что её лицо великолепно вышло
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Спасибо большое! Лицо просто по технике исполнения очень контрастирует с остальной композицией.
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Jezus Christ, I was expecting to meet the spirit of Hearth's Warming Eve Yet to Come, not fight a Dark Souls boss!!! :icongaspplz:
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whoa you really captured the imagery :happybounce:
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The dark angel of Luna, brings forth a grim news, as eternal winter came in, there will be nothing left for all to enjoy, suffering first and death comes later when the eternal cold destroys all crops and the sun will never shine again. Your heart of frost will be shattered to pieces and your soul will enter into the dark sword of Frostmourne. (Yeah, pun intended)
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This piece is just epic.
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Luna looks like the angel of death!
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I like Dark Raven Luna this style, she looks so scary amazing, bring in the Frozen Wasteland. XD
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Look great! full of subtle feels.
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