Tao's Destruction part 1

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That day started like any other since Sorbet had arrived. Shilk and Nightshade woke up, had breakfast, and then went about doing what the merchants needed them to do. Nothing seemed terribly out of place, nor did anything suggest towards what would happen that night.

When everyone was just getting ready to sleep Sorbet had awoke from his and started firing off dense winds of ice from his mouth, the frozen air so thick it was almost like a ray of pure cold. This had even startled Shilk, who was known for being a heavy sleeper.

First thing he heard was Nightshade, her voice almost panicked as she spoke. "Get up! We have to go! Now!"

"What eh... about the egg?" Shilk spoke groggily, everything going by faster then his brain could process.

"I got him, now lets go!" Nightshade told her partner, picking him up and tossing the half-asleep sandshrew onto her back. "Don't get used to it." She added on.

She ran off fast as she could, dodging pokemon and cold rays as she could. Eventually An excadrill and clefable found them and lead them to the guild leaders, as well as took the messenger bag with the egg inside to someone to carry it out of the village. There Devonshire had "volunteered" Gunpowder to distract Sorbet, with the help of three other pokemon neither Shilk nor Nightshade recognized. Speaking of her, she seemed to vanish almost instantly.

"Arr! What that lass be doin'!?" Gunpowder asked as the absol ran off.

"Distracting!" She called back, not even slowing down. The zangoose, who was apparently named Dmitri, had volunteered to chase off after her. The others followed as fast as they could, with Mike's younger sister Maple using an odd triangle that allowed her to move the storm, to help them.

Shilk, however, felt the need to find someone to help them.
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I really have no real comment on it this time, it's a short enough entry that it shouldn't need a summery.

Excadrill and Clefable: ~augustelos
Sorbet: *purplekecleon
Devonshire: ~MarlKitty
Gunpowder: ~latiass
Zangoose: ...actually not entirely sure, to be perfectly honest
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Pure cold? That seems a bit odd to me for some reason.