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Figure by Dywiann

The above picture by  Scott Kim shows the word “figure”. The tricky part is that even the background tells “figure” – Thus one can’t determine what is background and what is figure!

In my pictures I tried to use this symbolism in form of a ghost. It should be a part of the picture (“environment”/background) and a single part of itself (“observer”/figure). This could lead us to ideas of reductionism and holism.

But, one can’t determine if this ghost explains the pictures as if it was outside the pictures or if it is a part of the pictures itself. In this case, both is true – a common paradox is born!

Another example I have is about the following: One can’t determine the borders of anything for everything interacts vividly. The best example is quantum mechanics, in which particles/waves can even be superposed. A more clear example is the following: If we look at a star, where does it really end? The photons it emits come straight into your eye, or even become a part of you in this sense. Where can you say the star truly ends if everything interacts so wildly and vividly like elementary particles?
You are an observer as well as the environment itself.

There comes a quote to my mind:

“Universe to each must be
All that is, including me.
Environment in turn must be
All that is, excepting me.”

– Buckminster Fuller (Synergetics, 100.012)

This is another paradox.

© Dywiann Xyara 2016
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Submitted on
February 17, 2017