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Lord Sanctus

Star Wars fan art for the TOR forums.
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I have Kane's Theme playing in my head looking at this : )
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I sense the Dark Side in him...
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This is completely awesome! Everything about this pic screams badass! The pose, the angle, the fire, and the menacing mask. 

Would you mind if I used this as the "Dragon" of the new Sith Emperor in a role playing community on Google Plus and in an Alternate Universe story I'm writing? It's based on the idea of the Rule of Two never being put in place, and the Sith Empire not being defeated, but they simply return to Korriban and wait for the right time to strike, during the Clone Wars, when the galaxy is at its weakest. 
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Thank you. But this pictures is of swtor players original character Lord Sanctum.
And I am not sure if player wants his characters picture  used as something else. You could try find him on forum and ask.
Or  I could draw something like this but original (of course not for free).
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Slipknot? How'd you get into starwars???
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thank you :D
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That guy looks a bit like DR. Doom from the Fantastic 4
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If he wants to keep his lightsaber intact it better be made of cortosis or phrink.
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I take it you know what I mean yes?
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Wowwie! Jayce Likey. Fantastic work. Looks professional.
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Let's put a smile on that... mask? ;) :D Awesome work! :clap:
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I don't know who he is but this is an awesome painting! I am always terrible about making fire, but you got it looking so real. I know that is a little thing, but something I could never perfect. Everything looks fantastic!
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Yes, flames took me lots of time :D
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