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Lord Rot'um

Star Wars fan art for the TOR forums.
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I want to use it in my spanish star wars RPG wiki, like an example of a Sith Lord.

I´ll give you full credit. Can I use it?

Thank you
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Sure :D just credit.
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dude it's awesome ! i love that arm tattoo
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Absolutely wonderfull painting. Most of all i enjoy the patterns on his waist-tunic and his arm, but it's all great. The details of this painting is what makes it come alive so well. A great Sith painting for all fans of the Dark Side.
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The pleasure is all mine :)
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this would be a perfect character for a starwars videogame idea I had. do u mind if i send it to you? (the game idea)
skywarpG1's avatar
is that a yes?
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i could read it
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the basic idea is that after lord sideous was destroyed with the deathstart that there was a secret council of sith lords, which sideous was a part of. after his death they began to rise. new, powerful, sith lords and apprentinces. including the return of the infamous, Darth Maul, whose body was retrieved after his fall and slowly put back together. He is alive and powerful and now takes the place of lord sideous on the Sith Council. But the jedi have made a council of their own. With leaders, apprentinces and younglings on the way. With word from master Kun Likai of the sith council, they plan an attack. But the sith spy Lai Soun has informed the sith lords of their plan. With all the sith ready the jedi begin to take back the galaxy. But many lords await them, and the worst of all, Darth Shyon, is nowhere to be found. The jedi have great fights ahead of them, and even bigger battles as the droid armies are being rebuilt. Will they survive and defeat the Sith Council?
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I sense strong force in this one ;)
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Geras blogietis (:
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jo dar reiks jo mokiny papaisyt kai turesiu laiko;]
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OMG!!!! Like SO real for a realistic comic!!! SURELY looks good!!! It is so awesome! :clap: :party: :biscuit: Like he's waiting for a battle with a sworn enemy
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good idea:) maybe someday will try to paint comic:)
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Great pic, I like seeing OCs. Love the armored robe and the right glove. And lightning is way too fun. *remembers sending squads of stormies flying in Jedi Academy*

Dun think an evil badass would have a pink-ish lightsaber, but the hilt looks nice and the blade is shaped well.
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That is mad awesome. I love the look of the armor and tattoo, and, argh, I don't even have the words besides "good painting". XD

He's Palpatine-ish in the face; is that intentional?
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just tried to paint evil face...
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very intriguing. so why a sith have a pink saber for? oh well still a badass looking sith, love that armor.
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