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Ho ho,
About three months have slipped under the bridge since the last post, and I realize this now only because I have recently done the chronological-cracker-scramble to acquire three more months in this wonderful city of strangeness: Vienna.  Presently I meander through the process of gaining an Artist's Visa, something I cannot even fathom back in the 'homeland'.  It's nice that some countries still toss a cursory glance, and maybe a few bread crumbs, to the stained fingered social deviants and sooth-saying escape artists out there.  
In other news: the funnybooks are coming along smoothly again.  A Zuda project is soon to hit the site from myself, and previous co-conspirator Jason Mullikin.  A slightly different direction for me, as we went for a very clean, very sparse look with the line work.  It was strange not to use my brushes (only pens), and my flatmate was stunned when I came out of my room and was NOT covered in black flak from the usual detonation of ink that follows when I head into the inking phase of a book.  I'll send up the flag once the project hits Zuda (it's being superbly colored at the moment).  Also there it the next fetid feast of fulfilling fun with zombies being finished on my desk from writer (and publisher of Warrior 27… ) Dan Fleming.  Soon some of those pages can be found here, and there.  And then there's the dynamic tale of Transforming nature I'm illustrating, written by the accomplished Shaun Flaherty, which will soon be making its way into your peepers, whether you want it to or not.  Why? Because it rocks hard tasty abs, glistening in the sun.  There are a few other things on the stove rising in temperature, and threatening to boil over the rim very soon, but I am not a believer in expectations so I'm not going to allude to their flavor until I know if it's actually gonna hit the table or not.  
Locally: the next show for The Ink-Wave Frequency Project is underway.  We have a bead on a couple of locations, and we (Benjamin Schiemer, Lukas Schiemer & Myself) are hammering out the crunchy folds in the carapace crotch of the performance pants.  The first show at Cafe Concerto was great, and accepted by those in attendance so much more than any of us expected (see, expectations are never to be trusted- they're wiggly little bastards of ethereal disinformation spreading bacteria) that we're going to enact the story of 'Buffalo the Magician' once more, before moving on to the next story.  Once a location is secured and a date/time set I'll let everyone know.  
There are other things happening here, such as an animated short film featuring my lines, with music composed by some tent pegs of the trusted melodic masters of the current soundscape of Vienna, which is amazing to me, as I never thought I would be in such a position of ultimately strange and abstract import with these people.  Also a film script, and partnerships and blah blah blah.  Again, sauces threatening to boil, scents in the air and leaking into the rooms, but nothing's ready for official report at the moment.  
And the Nerds live on.
Long live the Nerds!
Until next time,
  • Listening to: Diamanda Galas, Einstürzende Neubauten
  • Reading: Chuckles Bukowski, Nick Cave
  • Watching: Klaus Kinski flicks (a chipper lad, that one)
  • Playing: With myself, from all the giddy happy media above.
  • Eating: Milka!
  • Drinking: Stuff that slides, rather than pours from the mug.
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Submitted on
February 11, 2010