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Hey yes hello,
Two big blasts of lead & ink buckshot fired into the screen today.  The first of which is "Damn the Cosmos" (here's the hit-by-hit blog, should you be interested- ).  It's written by Jason Mullikin, who I have gleefully worked with before (& still for that matter) on "Legion" ( ).  It is currently being colored by the subtle & sublime talents of Marcio Freire.  We have taken this undertaking to the limit for the Zuda competition.  I'll keep the information flowing as it comes to the surface, and readies itself for the voting process.  At the risk of sounding modest I feel that when it hits the Zuda site it's gonna be the funnybook equivalent of Charles Bronson saying "You brought two horses too many."
Next up in the galleries is "Good Neighbors", written by Dan Fleming, whom I worked with on "Dawn" for his independent comic anthology book "Warrior 27", which rocks.  And this is no exception.  Where this story goes is still relatively under wraps, but as the river clears and picks up some stilt swiping momentum I'll reveal where & when everyone can grab hold of it.  
Past that I'm just chillin' like a villain here in Vienna, working on the next concert for "Buffalo the Magician" with The Ink-Wave Frequency Project, as well as various audio-brainbleed experiments with "When Carnies Flirt".  
So there's all that, I'll talk to you crazies later, word.
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JediFlaherty Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010
Awesome work, R!
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February 24, 2010