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So I've just uploaded the rest of the pencils for the book I'm currently on.  The writer is on his way across the land with the book in hand, heading into maelstroms of fans, fanatics and 'other' to shine this token in the eyes of publishers and editors alike at the summer conventions.  And fear of a vacancy on the shelf where this book should be is nowhere in sight, for if we do not run with a large company we have a fail-safe contingency plan. Which is nice, and more fortuitous than most chances in this game of funny-book publication affords on an average.  Anyway, check it out if'n you want.  It's in the "Off the A Dock" gallery, a false title, since we're not completely ready to unveil it in all it's glory until a release date is set.  Once that is established all details and viscera of the book will be dragged out for all to judge, I mean enjoy.  So, now I prep myself for my fav part: staining my fingers with that beautiful India ink.  
Until next time,

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Submitted on
June 23, 2009