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So here I am in Vienna, the leap over the drink behind me and a wide birth being given at every corner I take.  I'm here to kick ass and chew Burenwurst, and I'm all out of Burenwurst.  I'm currently finishing up the cover to Issue 2 of Legion for Armored Phoenix Press, and I'm about to get crackalackin' on a badass project by one Shaun Flaherty, a writer with more than meets the eye, to be sure.  The S.O.A.R. project is still on it's way through the mill, and as soon as we know the score from the big paper pushers you'll know as well.  

On the docket for Crimes of the Future, there is a rather paltry comic book scene here in Vienna, but there is a small fistful of ink-slingers stalking the corpulent shadows of funny-book stigma, so I am going to slap the ground with them, in whatever way I can.  

Also, there are the protests for Student Rights setting attention aflame here at the University of Vienna, and now in every major school across Austria, Berlin Germany, and even a few ports of knowledge in America, if I heard the news right.  So I'll see what a simple storyteller such as myself can do there, as the cause looks to be one of honor and passion.  Here's a link to those goings-on.  Check it out.  It's really being done the right way.  Living in almost every major hub of commerce and human conversion in the United States I have seen an incredible number of protests go down in flames.  This one looks to be rising up out of the flames, and for all the right reasons.  But read about it first, and don't call yourself anything other than the name you chose.  ( )

SO there's all that.
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November 13, 2009


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