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Published: May 7, 2011
Servus Spazmatics,
It's been another long stretch since the last post.  Why? Why, indeed.  Still here in Vienna, still drawing funnybooks, still rocking the transmedial band, still hopelessly addicted to pumping audio/video/woodpulp trash into gray matter.  So, why the new post? Because there are a couple updates in this weird wiggle world that keeps leaking out around me.  First off: the Oh-so-oh-fish'll site for me me me, created by a couple of geniuses dysomnia.com/ (and the geniuses' website: dergestalt.at/ , should you want for this sorta tomfoolery).  

Next in the text: the new show for 'Ink-Wave Frequency' will be every day from the 16th of this month to the 20th at Subterrarium, located on JÖRGERSTRASSE 23, 1170 WIEN.  It'll be live rehearsals from 2pm to 7:30pm, and then a crash'n'burn performance of that day's efforts.  On the last night we perform the entire saga titled 'A Series of Dreams', for good or ill.  Come and marvel as I draw live before you, listen to the amazing Pepperl und Effendi rock the live score to the tale, and sink in living splendor as  Fabian Lang transports the organic mess'o'ink I provide with live digital animation & sound design!  There'll also be a rather sense-defying exhibit from my own stained fingered hands, as well as an exhibit from the incredible photographer Sophia Schiemer, and guest musicians Bernd 'Buffalo' Armann, and Nicholas Satanic.  Can you beat that with a bloody lampshade? The site for such details on this spectacular extravaganza is: inkwave.gehdanke.at

There will also be a film of said even, so if'n you don't happen to be traipsing through, expatriated, visiting or astral projecting in Austria at the moment, all is not lost! It's not a profit or "look'it me fer loot" kinda thing.  Once the film is done I'll make it public knowledge, and you freaks can let me know if you wanna see it.  Then I'll work something out so's everyone can take a gander somewhere somehow somewhen.  So start saving those tomatoes in a damp, warm place now, and put aside your favorite squeegee to clean yer screens off with.  I kid, of course.  This show is gonna be so badass it might collapse various pockets of existence as we know it.  

We shall see.

On the professional side, I just got a supercool gig illustrating a book titled 'Guyandotte' from top to bottom (lead, ink & color).  It's written by the stellar Angie Marie, of Daniel Boyd's invaluable communication classes at WVSU ( www.danielboyd.com/ ).  Once all is done and it's let off the leash and into the marketplace I'll let it be known, no doubt about it.  

As for personal shenanigans, I'm now into my second year of living here in Vienna, Austria.  I did have to take a couple excursions to avoid complete 'black status', as some say here (roughly translated), so I'm not lurking in the shadows, dodging authorities like Peter Lorre (a 'V' for visa emblazoned on my hand, instead of an 'M', natch).  The most recent being a couple month stint in Argentina, which rocked.  Next up: Croatia for a very short time.  And then maybe back to Uhmarikah for a tiny spell, before coming back here indefinitely.  

So, there's all'a that.  

It's time to get back to it, while my horn champion bleeds.  

Until next time,

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