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Holy hell, it's been a while since the last entry.  And for good reason, for me at least.  I've been hunched over art boards constantly from then till now, ink stained callouses and lead laden grooves in the derma.  And now the strangeness is being exported.  Expatriating to Vienna, Austria is the deal.  This happens in the beginning of November, so after that, if you're in the neighborhood, drop me a line and we'll scrawl real clever things into the Dutch funny books at the local comic shop.  They have it coming, and come it will.  As for matters of business: Legion #1, from Armored Phoenix Press ( ) is on its way to chaining publishers across the eyes with solid state storytelling, and the latest issue of Warrior 27 ( ) is almost upon the people at large.  And SOAR Issue 1 (… ) is making its way through the backstage tunnel system to arrive to an eager audience shortly as well.  All very exciting, all very maladjusted and without regrets.  
So there's all that for now.  I'm sure once I extradite myself from the current chaotic stasis I'm holding in the pre-moments of this massive geographical shift I'll write more...maybe.  
Until then,
  • Listening to: Rasputina, Tom Waits, Nick Cave
  • Reading: James Joyce, Classic Tales of the Zombie
  • Watching: Troma Troma Troma
  • Eating: Brown sugar, straigh up please.
  • Drinking: Puddles.
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Submitted on
October 28, 2009