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So, I am now playing out the opposite side of the coin I was flipping just a coupla months ago.  I am illustrating one ongoing book, written by the prolific Patrick Sessoms & due out by the end of this summer (of which I've mentioned enough), as well as a six issue gig with Armored Phoenix Comics ( ), and I've just finished a short gig with Warrior Twenty-Seven ( ), all of which rock way more than a greenhorn in the funnybook drawing biz deserves to cut his teeth on.  All three projects are brutally fun, badass and the best part: the writers and people I'm working with are F'ing supercool.  I count myself pretty fortunate.  I guess I've finally outlived, or paid the debt, on early karmic transgressions and am now eligible, and cashing in on, the riptide of a perpetually sustainable elation.  So I've got that going for me.  In other news, I'm really really working my ass, and fingers, off to keep the hell up with this workload.  I will say that the hours and solitude at my desk are more than fair prices to pay to finally be doing what I've been wanting to do forrrr-evvvv-errrr.  So I win, one to nothing.  
And I'm moving.  Which is also pretty cool.  
I'm not putting up the pages to the Warrior Twenty-Seven gig until the book comes out this fall, but I have posted the character designs for "Legion", the six issue brain-melter from APX, and written by the clever Jason Mullikin.  
Alright, off to packing,
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Submitted on
July 27, 2009