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Servus Spazmatics,
It's been another long stretch since the last post.  Why? Why, indeed.  Still here in Vienna, still drawing funnybooks, still rocking the transmedial band, still hopelessly addicted to pumping audio/video/woodpulp trash into gray matter.  So, why the new post? Because there are a couple updates in this weird wiggle world that keeps leaking out around me.  First off: the Oh-so-oh-fish'll site for me me me, created by a couple of geniuses (and the geniuses' website: , should you want for this sorta tomfoolery).  

Next in the text: the new show for 'Ink-Wave Frequency' will be every day from the 16th of this month to the 20th at Subterrarium, located on JÖRGERSTRASSE 23, 1170 WIEN.  It'll be live rehearsals from 2pm to 7:30pm, and then a crash'n'burn performance of that day's efforts.  On the last night we perform the entire saga titled 'A Series of Dreams', for good or ill.  Come and marvel as I draw live before you, listen to the amazing Pepperl und Effendi rock the live score to the tale, and sink in living splendor as  Fabian Lang transports the organic mess'o'ink I provide with live digital animation & sound design!  There'll also be a rather sense-defying exhibit from my own stained fingered hands, as well as an exhibit from the incredible photographer Sophia Schiemer, and guest musicians Bernd 'Buffalo' Armann, and Nicholas Satanic.  Can you beat that with a bloody lampshade? The site for such details on this spectacular extravaganza is:

There will also be a film of said even, so if'n you don't happen to be traipsing through, expatriated, visiting or astral projecting in Austria at the moment, all is not lost! It's not a profit or "look'it me fer loot" kinda thing.  Once the film is done I'll make it public knowledge, and you freaks can let me know if you wanna see it.  Then I'll work something out so's everyone can take a gander somewhere somehow somewhen.  So start saving those tomatoes in a damp, warm place now, and put aside your favorite squeegee to clean yer screens off with.  I kid, of course.  This show is gonna be so badass it might collapse various pockets of existence as we know it.  

We shall see.

On the professional side, I just got a supercool gig illustrating a book titled 'Guyandotte' from top to bottom (lead, ink & color).  It's written by the stellar Angie Marie, of Daniel Boyd's invaluable communication classes at WVSU ( ).  Once all is done and it's let off the leash and into the marketplace I'll let it be known, no doubt about it.  

As for personal shenanigans, I'm now into my second year of living here in Vienna, Austria.  I did have to take a couple excursions to avoid complete 'black status', as some say here (roughly translated), so I'm not lurking in the shadows, dodging authorities like Peter Lorre (a 'V' for visa emblazoned on my hand, instead of an 'M', natch).  The most recent being a couple month stint in Argentina, which rocked.  Next up: Croatia for a very short time.  And then maybe back to Uhmarikah for a tiny spell, before coming back here indefinitely.  

So, there's all'a that.  

It's time to get back to it, while my horn champion bleeds.  

Until next time,

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Hey yes hello,
Two big blasts of lead & ink buckshot fired into the screen today.  The first of which is "Damn the Cosmos" (here's the hit-by-hit blog, should you be interested- ).  It's written by Jason Mullikin, who I have gleefully worked with before (& still for that matter) on "Legion" ( ).  It is currently being colored by the subtle & sublime talents of Marcio Freire.  We have taken this undertaking to the limit for the Zuda competition.  I'll keep the information flowing as it comes to the surface, and readies itself for the voting process.  At the risk of sounding modest I feel that when it hits the Zuda site it's gonna be the funnybook equivalent of Charles Bronson saying "You brought two horses too many."
Next up in the galleries is "Good Neighbors", written by Dan Fleming, whom I worked with on "Dawn" for his independent comic anthology book "Warrior 27", which rocks.  And this is no exception.  Where this story goes is still relatively under wraps, but as the river clears and picks up some stilt swiping momentum I'll reveal where & when everyone can grab hold of it.  
Past that I'm just chillin' like a villain here in Vienna, working on the next concert for "Buffalo the Magician" with The Ink-Wave Frequency Project, as well as various audio-brainbleed experiments with "When Carnies Flirt".  
So there's all that, I'll talk to you crazies later, word.
  • Listening to: SModcast, Tom Waits & Patti Smith
  • Reading: W.S.B., Lucky Luke, old EC comics
  • Watching: Homemade fetish movies
  • Eating: Mountain cheese, heavy bread & honey
  • Drinking: Ranch Wood
Ho ho,
About three months have slipped under the bridge since the last post, and I realize this now only because I have recently done the chronological-cracker-scramble to acquire three more months in this wonderful city of strangeness: Vienna.  Presently I meander through the process of gaining an Artist's Visa, something I cannot even fathom back in the 'homeland'.  It's nice that some countries still toss a cursory glance, and maybe a few bread crumbs, to the stained fingered social deviants and sooth-saying escape artists out there.  
In other news: the funnybooks are coming along smoothly again.  A Zuda project is soon to hit the site from myself, and previous co-conspirator Jason Mullikin.  A slightly different direction for me, as we went for a very clean, very sparse look with the line work.  It was strange not to use my brushes (only pens), and my flatmate was stunned when I came out of my room and was NOT covered in black flak from the usual detonation of ink that follows when I head into the inking phase of a book.  I'll send up the flag once the project hits Zuda (it's being superbly colored at the moment).  Also there it the next fetid feast of fulfilling fun with zombies being finished on my desk from writer (and publisher of Warrior 27… ) Dan Fleming.  Soon some of those pages can be found here, and there.  And then there's the dynamic tale of Transforming nature I'm illustrating, written by the accomplished Shaun Flaherty, which will soon be making its way into your peepers, whether you want it to or not.  Why? Because it rocks hard tasty abs, glistening in the sun.  There are a few other things on the stove rising in temperature, and threatening to boil over the rim very soon, but I am not a believer in expectations so I'm not going to allude to their flavor until I know if it's actually gonna hit the table or not.  
Locally: the next show for The Ink-Wave Frequency Project is underway.  We have a bead on a couple of locations, and we (Benjamin Schiemer, Lukas Schiemer & Myself) are hammering out the crunchy folds in the carapace crotch of the performance pants.  The first show at Cafe Concerto was great, and accepted by those in attendance so much more than any of us expected (see, expectations are never to be trusted- they're wiggly little bastards of ethereal disinformation spreading bacteria) that we're going to enact the story of 'Buffalo the Magician' once more, before moving on to the next story.  Once a location is secured and a date/time set I'll let everyone know.  
There are other things happening here, such as an animated short film featuring my lines, with music composed by some tent pegs of the trusted melodic masters of the current soundscape of Vienna, which is amazing to me, as I never thought I would be in such a position of ultimately strange and abstract import with these people.  Also a film script, and partnerships and blah blah blah.  Again, sauces threatening to boil, scents in the air and leaking into the rooms, but nothing's ready for official report at the moment.  
And the Nerds live on.
Long live the Nerds!
Until next time,
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So here I am in Vienna, the leap over the drink behind me and a wide birth being given at every corner I take.  I'm here to kick ass and chew Burenwurst, and I'm all out of Burenwurst.  I'm currently finishing up the cover to Issue 2 of Legion for Armored Phoenix Press, and I'm about to get crackalackin' on a badass project by one Shaun Flaherty, a writer with more than meets the eye, to be sure.  The S.O.A.R. project is still on it's way through the mill, and as soon as we know the score from the big paper pushers you'll know as well.  

On the docket for Crimes of the Future, there is a rather paltry comic book scene here in Vienna, but there is a small fistful of ink-slingers stalking the corpulent shadows of funny-book stigma, so I am going to slap the ground with them, in whatever way I can.  

Also, there are the protests for Student Rights setting attention aflame here at the University of Vienna, and now in every major school across Austria, Berlin Germany, and even a few ports of knowledge in America, if I heard the news right.  So I'll see what a simple storyteller such as myself can do there, as the cause looks to be one of honor and passion.  Here's a link to those goings-on.  Check it out.  It's really being done the right way.  Living in almost every major hub of commerce and human conversion in the United States I have seen an incredible number of protests go down in flames.  This one looks to be rising up out of the flames, and for all the right reasons.  But read about it first, and don't call yourself anything other than the name you chose.  ( )

SO there's all that.
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Holy hell, it's been a while since the last entry.  And for good reason, for me at least.  I've been hunched over art boards constantly from then till now, ink stained callouses and lead laden grooves in the derma.  And now the strangeness is being exported.  Expatriating to Vienna, Austria is the deal.  This happens in the beginning of November, so after that, if you're in the neighborhood, drop me a line and we'll scrawl real clever things into the Dutch funny books at the local comic shop.  They have it coming, and come it will.  As for matters of business: Legion #1, from Armored Phoenix Press ( ) is on its way to chaining publishers across the eyes with solid state storytelling, and the latest issue of Warrior 27 ( ) is almost upon the people at large.  And SOAR Issue 1 (… ) is making its way through the backstage tunnel system to arrive to an eager audience shortly as well.  All very exciting, all very maladjusted and without regrets.  
So there's all that for now.  I'm sure once I extradite myself from the current chaotic stasis I'm holding in the pre-moments of this massive geographical shift I'll write more...maybe.  
Until then,
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So, I am now playing out the opposite side of the coin I was flipping just a coupla months ago.  I am illustrating one ongoing book, written by the prolific Patrick Sessoms & due out by the end of this summer (of which I've mentioned enough), as well as a six issue gig with Armored Phoenix Comics ( ), and I've just finished a short gig with Warrior Twenty-Seven ( ), all of which rock way more than a greenhorn in the funnybook drawing biz deserves to cut his teeth on.  All three projects are brutally fun, badass and the best part: the writers and people I'm working with are F'ing supercool.  I count myself pretty fortunate.  I guess I've finally outlived, or paid the debt, on early karmic transgressions and am now eligible, and cashing in on, the riptide of a perpetually sustainable elation.  So I've got that going for me.  In other news, I'm really really working my ass, and fingers, off to keep the hell up with this workload.  I will say that the hours and solitude at my desk are more than fair prices to pay to finally be doing what I've been wanting to do forrrr-evvvv-errrr.  So I win, one to nothing.  
And I'm moving.  Which is also pretty cool.  
I'm not putting up the pages to the Warrior Twenty-Seven gig until the book comes out this fall, but I have posted the character designs for "Legion", the six issue brain-melter from APX, and written by the clever Jason Mullikin.  
Alright, off to packing,
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So I've just uploaded the rest of the pencils for the book I'm currently on.  The writer is on his way across the land with the book in hand, heading into maelstroms of fans, fanatics and 'other' to shine this token in the eyes of publishers and editors alike at the summer conventions.  And fear of a vacancy on the shelf where this book should be is nowhere in sight, for if we do not run with a large company we have a fail-safe contingency plan. Which is nice, and more fortuitous than most chances in this game of funny-book publication affords on an average.  Anyway, check it out if'n you want.  It's in the "Off the A Dock" gallery, a false title, since we're not completely ready to unveil it in all it's glory until a release date is set.  Once that is established all details and viscera of the book will be dragged out for all to judge, I mean enjoy.  So, now I prep myself for my fav part: staining my fingers with that beautiful India ink.  
Until next time,

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Alright, here we go.  I finally dropped my Ludite tendencies and joined the artists living here in the 21st Century.  Already I have a torrent of notices of people favoriting and marking my comic book work and I am deeply appreciative.  Honestly, I didn't even know about that feature until I saw that tiny button at the top that told me "you have 95 messages".  Wuddaheck? I check it and quickly become absorbed into the collective of creation, swiftly taken away to these other worlds, and tagging the crap out of creators around the globe so's I can escape into their fantasies whenever the urge takes hold.  Originally I started this bit on DeviantART to fish for professional attention from comic book companies, the rumor being this is were they swim during feeding time.  And I can see why.  Marvel in particular has dropped their open submission program in favor of bouncing around this joint.  Makes sense, now that I see what I've been missing.  In my galleries I've loaded cover paintings, comic book samples and a couple of finished bits, and every time I see that somebody's marked a page, or put me on Watch, I check them out and find another compatriot in the world of storytelling, as well as a serious contender for the position I am compelled to strive for.  Which is pretty messed up on one hand, but ultimately serves to make me a better artist through observation, criticism and recognition.  A funny balance.  Personal Anarchy fine tuned into a driving rhythm.  I have to pull myself away now to try and keep up with the pack.  Till next time, ciao,

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