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Spiteful defiance

The good old days

One last upload on the final day of old DA

DA transitioning to eclipse summed up in one image

The Butchering Continues

Impending update

What eclipse means to deviantart

Resist the eclipse

The eternal darkness is coming

Team fortress two's darkest moment

Eclipse and eye problems + trackers

Eclipse and eye problems + trackers

First of all, I want to ask: Why is there no dark theme for posting a journal or a status update? And why is it screaming white of all the colors? I literally had to put my sunglasses on to be able to write this without being blinded. Putting the nightlight on did help a little, but I still needed my sunglasses. Second of all, if you read my latest status update, you know that I was having eye problems while browsing Eclipse. I made the evening test run on dark theme, and my eyes are still getting strained, especially while trying to read status updates. Too much negative space and too little organization is likely causing my eyes to be unable to focus. Break number one. I'm trying to avoid another Eclipse-induced headache. I'm going to have to cut DA off even more because of this, so I'm going to have to unwatch even more people to keep my watch manageable. To everyone who I end up unwatching: I'm sorry. So yeah. Fun times. I have literally never in my many years of computer-using

People, you should be aware of Wix.

People, you should be aware of Wix.

As we all know, Wix bought this website a few years ago. But what we don’t know and what illustrators aren’t aware of is that Wix can redistribute your illustrations and give them to their members to decorate their platform without your knowledge. This leads to endless war with private companies and managers who use your illustrations without knowing that you are their author until you prove it to them. During that time, the Wix Company will get out of it while the private companies that use Wix to build the platform experience stresses and so do you with them. Wix is a site builder, which in itself isn’t bad until you read the ToS regarding images and the like. Here is what the author of the journal @SyberHound said. I remember a couple of years back in my Business classes hearing about how you should NEVER use Wix for portfolio work, especially when working with media like videos, music, and art in general. Wix, stated in their ToS, that they have the "Right" to use any images and

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My fu**ing first submit in Eclipse

DeviantArt ReView

DeviantArt ReView

Hi. I want to be honest; I don't like the recent changes the site is going through; specifically, DeviantArt "Eclipse". Many people have expressed my exact sentiments far better than I can ever articulate them myself. Although I still have things I want to say, I'm far too infuriated and tired about this whole ordeal and I don't want it to end up as one long, angry rant. I'm not familiar with the full extent of technicalities of what makes Eclipse objectively 'good' or 'bad', and I'm that great in expressing myself through words either. But I had an idea: Maybe instead of writing how much I hate Eclipse, I should draw and write about thing

Eclipse. Overview.


Eclipse. Overview.

I don’t even know if it will make any sense to make this journal, our House, which we loved, lives its last days, and this does me terribly demotivated. Because I took more than 50 screenshots, but the more I made them, it’s just realizing that is the last thing everyone will have as a memory about our dying House. I don’t know if I can get used to the Eclipse at all .... But in any case, this is my review of Eclipse and those things that I liked and did not like there. 1.Badges. Not that it’s a very important element, but a pretty nice thing that we could see when we went to each other’s pages. Also talked a li

Feedback for Eclipse


Feedback for Eclipse

The feedback is simple: Firstly, do not release Eclipse until Every. Single. Feature. that is a part of the current DA is implemented and working. Including, but not limited to the following; * Stash writer * Full page customization * HTML support * Simple and easy reorganizing of favorites and submissions. * Separated notifications. IE, Submissions, Journals and responses having their own icon on the topbar, not just being grouped under one icon. The site is currently fully functional, to switch to anything less then a fully functioning website is a downgrade and a disservice. Eclipse is not fully functioning as even the staff admit their

The Sound of Silence Notice

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My Bio
I'm just some dude who really likes this website and wanted to post some pictures and considering this is one of the best sites out there for doing it this is why I'm here. Feel free to check out my videos on YouTube and my screenshots and artwork on steam. And one more thing, DON'T! SEND! ME! ANY! FUCKING! LLAMAS! I'M BEING SERIOUS!!!!
Fuck you WIX!

Rest in peace classic deviantart

Rest in peace classic deviantart

It was fun
The sounds of silence, the final assault! See everyone on the 18th!      

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