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When he leaves you to keep shitposting
So the other day I was listening to a YouTube video and scrolling through Google images looking at Pepe images when I came across this cutesy character Pipi an obscure girlfriend for Pepe that I had never seen before.

Which was kind of annoying has I had just made the feels bad woman artwork using this random gender swap picture of Pepe has a template a few days earlier before I came across Pipi who was way more adorable which is surprising that she so obscure has these were the only real high quality images I could find of her which I'm sure were made by the same person excluding one.

So being the dark humored person that I am I knew I had to make another sayori hanging meme because it never gets old for me, and Pipi was just too adorable to not make something out of her. The issue was I had to start over with tracing around her body in order to color over her skin eyeballs and hair accordingly which luckily I save the template this time for future projects if it is so needed.

The basic story is that Pepe left her in order to continue shit posting so she couldn't handle like without him but in the grand scheme of things, the memes matter more! So your sacrifice was not in vain Pipi, now Pepe can make even Danker memes out of his tragedy

pepe F2U Pepe Avatar pepe pepe sad Pepe Pixel Icon 
Sayori Knew Too Much
2 old meme but I still find it funny and felt like posting it anyway. I figured it's better to make it than just let it pass missing the opportunity. And these are low-quality images but I was in a bit of a rush and it still gets the point across
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America
Dancing Turkey Icon Turkey Icon (Happy Thanksgiving!) Animation Happy Thanksgiving 2 Yeah! Cranberry! My Chicken Leg Cornucopia 50x50 icon Glad Turkey (rev) Icon Turkey 50x50 icon Cornucopia Cake 50x50 icon :turkey Pilgrim Hat 50x50 icon Glad Turkey Icon 
Feels Bad Woman
Truly I believe in gender equality and that women should feel just as bad as men and need to definitely get their suicide rates up to ours. I know you ladies can do it, I believe in you!
The magical Anti-physics Banana
So here's something I noticed literally right after I got this item during the Inferno update, the physics are reversed for the peel on every action except for side to side? And it's been over a year now and I surely can't be the only one who's noticed this?

I wonder how long it'll take valve to fix this. Considering how long it took them to fix the bottle breaking I don't think they'll get around to doing it anytime soon

So she blocked me, because she's a petulant child who so does not have an argument and is just projecting and flat out lying in her little response. So I'm just going to leave my response here ( my 2nd response has I lost the 1st one ) so that people can see my actual arguments and rebuttals.

Her argument.
The hard-core left, from what I've seen, is adamantly against paedophilia - to the point where they'll painfully torture and murder paedophiles given the legal chance. It's the right that tends to advocate for paedophilia, if anything about the Christian Church and their weekly altar boy incidents are to be believed.

The joke was literally "Haha the entire country of Japan is paedophiles because they have an incredibly niche market for underage lewds that America decided to exploit to cover up their own mainstream paedophilia!" (Which you really have to be searching for to find, so that says more about you than it does about Japan).

My rebuttal.
Wow where do I start with this pile of shit. Yes the hard-core left does in fact promote pedophilia wanting to add it on to their LGBT designation of sexualities. And especially considering how Hollywood is infected with pedophiles and even makes movie promoting pedophilia along with giving them standing ovations and they are has hard-core left as you could get I could say your flat out wrong.

And since when does the hard-core left promote the torturing and murder of pedophiles? Unless during a communist purge of homosexuals where they accidentally do it. And considering how much they love Islam an entire religion made by a pedophile that promotes pedophilia that there allowing to swarm to Europe while hard-core right-wingers don't want this and openly mocked this religion I should say you're wrong about that one too.

And a few molesters in the Catholic Church does not reflect upon the whole of Christianity nor this country or the entirety of Western civilization who is one of the few parts of the world whose age of consent is usually well into the late teens. And might I add how hypocritical of you to bring that up while also lying about how normal pedophilia is in Japanese culture, seriously just look at their animation and games I don't need to seek this shit out when it's literally everywhere throughout their media.

Her argument.
A. It's Xenophobic, not Xena Phobic. I'm not hateful or bigoted towards Lucy Lawless. If you're gonna turn the accusation around, at least spell it correctly.
B. At least look up what the definition of Xenophobic means, while you're at it. It's discrimination against someone based on their country of origin.
C. A Bazaar is an enclosed marketplace. More over, it's a noun, not an adjective.
D. Why would you make the joke if you didn't have some covered up hatred for Japan?
E. Why are you comparing me calling you out on your xenophobia to literally wanting to have sex with children? You literally can't compare the two, holy fuck this is getting offensive.

My rebuttal.
A. I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking a speech to text program has I have issues with spelling and reading which you could tell from my name and I'm not sure what you meant by naming one actress has someone you're not bigoted towards. That seems more like the don't worry I have a black friend argument and I was turning it around on you because you were automatically assuming that a negative comment implies hatred somehow.

B. Congratulations, that was the one thing you were actually write about in this wall of lies you called a response. But I was using it in the fashion that most people do has just a general term for bigotry of any kind.

C. Yet again working with severe dyslexia and this is the way that the software put it down, but you could probably guess to what I was actually saying.

D. where do I even begin with this comment? Other than your insane leaps in logic that assumes that any negative comments about any individual group or place automatically means some deep-seated hatred even if it's clearly sarcastic. That seems like a sign of schizophrenia or some other paranoid mental illness or just a super black and white view of the world around you.

E. you weren't calling me out on anything, you were making an unrealistic leap in logic. And I wasn't comparing you to a pedophile, I was comparing you to the people who justify pedophilia who make the exact same leaps of logic that you do in that they assume any negative comment even joking is somehow signs of blatant bigotry. A.k.a. the hard-core left.

Her argument.
In conclusion: It's not a ridiculous leap in logic to think "Haha the Japanese are all paedophiles" is a xenophobic statement. What is a ridiculous leap in logic is to think that calling out xenophobia, and wanting to have sex with children, are even remotely comparable. I did not find your joke funny or necessary. Do not contact me again.

My rebuttal.
In conclusion, you are making a ridiculous leap in logic! I never said haha the Japanese are all pedophiles which wouldn't even be a Xenaphobic statement if it was a fucking joke! You may want to look up the definition of sarcasm and jokes. And no I did not make an enormous leap in logic, like I stated earlier I was comparing your mentality to the same people who do justify sex with children because they automatically assume that jokes are not being sarcastic and are somehow a realistic statement.

And honestly pedophiles are mentally ill and you also seem mentally ill with your disturbed outlook that makes you seem ultra paranoid! And clearly someone like you wouldn't find it funny because you have no sense of humor and are either disturbed mentally or handicapped mentally and since you've blocked me I couldn't respond to you in the 1st place which is why was making this.

Feel free to post this argument has a response to her to let her know I was fully ready to keep this argument going, or at least it was an argument on my part. Or the better thing to do would be to ignore this twit realizing that her blocking me is her subconsciously saying that I won the argument and that she has nothing left to say.

Never back down, never apologize

And here's a screenshot to know her name and where the argument took place and proof that it happened.

Hr by DyslexicGamer


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Leon West ( not my real name )
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I'm just some dude who really likes this website and wanted to post some pictures and considering this is one of the best sites out there for doing it this is why I'm here. Feel free to check out my videos on YouTube and my screenshots and artwork on steam. And one more thing, DON'T! SEND! ME! ANY! FUCKING! LLAMAS! I'M BEING SERIOUS!!!!


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