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Farfalla | Doe | Hunter

By Dyrin

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Bullet; Orange Plots: Open to ideas.
Bullet; Green Roleplay: Open.
Bullet; Green Sparring/Training: Open to Sparring
Bullet; Green Fighting: Open.
Bullet; Orange Breeding: Open to plotting


General Info

Name: Farfalla
Pronounced: far-fal-la
Meaning: Butterfly
Nickname: Falla

Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 759 of the New Age  
Age: 20 years old
Height: 8hh projected
Build: Light
Phenotype: Sooty Smoky Blue Roan Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/nSty/nRn/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Design Sheet: Farfalla Fawn Design

Sire: Solban played by nerwen-wilwarin
Dam: Leilani played by Nixxily




 100% Oakfern

Magic Type: Water

Skill Points

Speed: 17 [Medium Level]
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 0 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 25 [Advanced Level]
Herbs: 16 [Medium Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 magic - hereditary bonus
+13 herbs - hereditary bonus

+2 magic - collab art - The Journey Home
+2 magic - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+3 herbs - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Mistaken part 1 and Mitaken part 2
+10 Skill Boost - Token 2059 magic
+10 Skill Boost - Token 2060  magic
+10 Skill Boost - Token 1568 speed


Herd Information

Herd: Oakfern - Outcast

Herd Position: Hunter

Religious Belief: Farfalla was brought up with beliefs of her birth herd, Oakfern. Her heart belongs to their God Gealach, having seen firsthand the power it is capable of when her mother was blessed. However due to never truly being a part of the Oakfern herd Farfalla follows the teachings of her mother. She knows nothing else but what she has been told and has seen. While her own belief has great similarities to the herd there are also, small differences. For example, rather than sacrificing fawns, they instead use shadow cats to show their loyalty to the great Gealach. She has not seen any of the festivals due to never stepping foot into the tunnels of her fellow Oakferns but has heard the stories about what they are like. While she doesn't hold the same hate to halfbloods, she does dislike any other fawnlings not of Oakfern, she does always give someone new a chance before placing full judgement. Farfalla believes deeply in the wrong doings of her people from the oathbreakers 

How Oakfern may view her: It is unknown to her how the herd may react to her. Farfalla only knows the hate her people had towards her during Nazam's rule. She was cast out and labeled an oathbreaker simply because she was not born in the waters of the Moonpool but was born above ground and dark in colour, it was assumed she was not pure of blood which she knows to be false. Barely fleeing from the herd with their lives, her family has not attempted much contact with the main herd ever since. She has not interacted with any herd members since so she does not know if this is how they will still react to her.  
Her view on Oakfern: Farfalla holds a small grudge against their rejection towards her. While she lived within the jungles of Oakfern, it was hard to say if she can ever forgive what they had done to her. While she does love the idea of her own people, the lack of sympathy they had shown has given them a bad image. They are the people of Gealach and because of this she will protect all who would need her help. 



Charms: Tooth charm made by Hagen

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None

Farfalla is a very athletic doe, she can be considered a lot taller compared to many of the other females but still has the small stature that Oakferns are known for. Built for speed and stealth her life style has kept her in very good shape. Although she attempts to keep a more hard look to her appearance she still looks very feminine.

- Amethysts and owl feathers earrings
- Scarf 


|| Free Spirit || 
Farfalla is very set in her ways. She knows how to get things done, is completely independent and will only to things that she finds beneficial to herself or her family. She has been brought up to think for herself, to look at the little things before passing judgement. Like many Oakferns, she is very passionate about her beliefs. She will always live her life to the fullest and make sure to keep happy while she does it.  
|| Sarcastic || 
Growing up on the run, with danger around every corner Farfalla has learned that there is no point in being extremely serious all the time. She is cheeky and isn't afraid to push those buttons. If something is on her mind she doesn't hesitate to say it. There is no real filter on this little lady and doesn't seem to understand or care about the feelings of others. 
|| Impulsive and Ambitious || 
When this little doe has her mind set on something, nothing will stand in her way to achieve it. Life is hard and only blood and sweat will be able to get you out of bad situations. While she does know to look before jumping into the dark water is the smart thing to do, Farfalla can't help following her instances at times.  
|| Hot tempered and Stubborn || 
If you don't want to be boiled alive, don't upset her. Farfalla may seem like a calm individual at first, she has very little patience when dealing with anyone not close to her. If things don't go the way she has envisioned or if someone catches her on a bad day she snaps. Very set in her way, Farfalla doesn't take kindly to orders. She is like that large bolder in a river that refuses to move. 
|| Out going || 
Due to her upbringing, Farfalla is rather open to meeting new individuals. Being a social creature with no real herd apart from her family, she is quick to go up to a stranger if they seem worth it. She isn't stupid and is still cautious about who she approaches. Although she is friendly and upbeat towards anyone she meets, she is still closed off and won't actually make friends. It's hard to gain her trust.  


Varamyr: Her twin and partner in crime, Varamyr has been and always will be the most important person to her. Farfalla can't see her life without her brother. He is someone she looks to for companionship, he has never done anything to hurt her nor will he ever in her mind. She would give her life to protect him. 

Leilani: Her teacher and protector. Farfalla has only known the love and guidance from her mother. Her mother is everything to her and more. She is the walking proof that their God is real. Farfalla respects Lani and would do everything she asks. 

Solban: Having been abandoned by this stag Farfalla doesn't see him as a real parent. Over the years, she has grown to know him a little more but she hasn't forgiven him for what he did.

Rest of her siblings: Her younger full blood siblings are her family and herd. She has and always be there for them. Helping her mother raise and teach them what she has learned. Don't mess with the young ones or face her wrath. 


Even from the beginning Farfalla's life has been tough. There has not been a time in her young life where she hasn't had to look over her shoulders or run for her life from the dangers that stalk this world. Each day is a test of her knowledge and strengths, which has given her the chance to become something more. Born in the worst possible place for a dark Oakfern, above ground. Her and her family were cast out from the herd on the assumption she and her brother weren't pureblood. She had learned the harsh reality of cruelty in life but also what it meant to be in a loving familyLiving by their mother's knowledge of the surface world, the twins probably wouldn't have survived their first few years without her.  

Her family traveled many times between OakfernSilverthrone and Blackwood for the first few years of her life. Giving her the opportunity to meet different kinds of fawnlings, a chance she wouldn't have been given if she were born within the tunnels of her herd. Learning every step of the way and never letting anything hold her back. The little filly was determined to prove her worth to any who may doubt her. 

By the age of three she had travelled further than many of the herd members her mother taught her about. While not fully trained in herbalism, Farfalla found pleasure in helping her mother. This was also around the time her mother began to feel a calling that pulled the family from their constant wondering and back to the homeland of Gealach, their god. She didn't understand at the time the importance of this but she would soon come to know the power of the Gods when her mother was blessed right before her eyes. Given a mission to rid their land of the filth that walked it, Farfalla followed her mother on her crusade.  

From an innocent fawn to a killer, Farfalla trained alongside her brother. Gaining the skills that were needed to become the hunter. It is an eat or be eaten world. Striving to follow in her mother's footsteps, to please Gealach and possibly feel it’s kiss like her mother. Farfalla sees no need for a herd that turned her away but knows the importance of them. Protecting them from a far all she can do for now. 

Year 759:
Born every early summer. 
Leilani finds Varamyr and adopts him.
A colorful family | Summer
Mistaken part 1 | Early Summer
Mitaken part 2 | Early Summer
The Mistake | Autumn
Hates OF
Unknown brother Aegir is born in Oakfern.
Learns how to swim.

Year 760:
A New Perspective | Summer
Travels between ST, BW and OF.
Meets different fawnlings that her mother introduces.

Year 761:
Travels between ST, BW and OF.

Year 762:
A Warm Welcome | 
The Return | Spring
Turning the Tides Spring
The Journey Home Spring
Their protector Spring
Begins to learn how to use her magic.
Rather then returning to the herd as planned the family group decide to continue to live above ground on their own.

Year 763:
Wonders around OF with her mom and brother. 
Continues to learn about different herbs and her magic.

Year 764:
Pascal becomes King | Summer
Stays a renegade with her family.

Year 765:
Begins learning how to hunt and kill Shadow cats.

Year 766:
Eclipse is born.
Unknown brother Jean is born in Oakfern.
Kills her first Shadow cat. 

Year 767:

Travels around.

Year 768:
Medea is born

Year 769:
Pascal Dies |
New King 

Year 770:
Year 771:
Year 772:
Annouching my return | Winter

Year 773:
Year 774:
Year 775:
Joins the guard as a Hunter.

Year 776:
Year 777:


Old References 
Farfalla | Oakfern Filly
Farfalla | Oakfern | Future Shaman
Farfalla | Hind | Renegade

Other Images
Fawnling Sketches

Huge thank you to Spirits-Rain for lining and colouring my sketch for me <3

Design by nerwen-wilwarin
Fawnlings by Fawnlings 
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it is amazing to see she is still alive <3
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<3 I agree! It's been a bit of a journey to get her accepted but I should be able to play her very soon
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thats amazing =D! I am super inactive (Vet school keeps me away from here a lot), but maybe one day we could do a tiny collab of RP with her and her daddy solban?
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I would love that!!
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Did you already get her accepted, or not yet?
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She's finally accepted :)!
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Hey would you like to do a collab between Farfalla and her little sister medea =)?
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I'd love to!  :)! Did you have anything in mind? What did you want to do for the collabs?
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Yeah thats awesome!!
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Great you won her! Congrats!
Hope she has a great home with you!!  :D
Lemme know if you want to play out something with her brother or mother ;)
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Thank you! I will take good care of her! I would love to do some things with you!! Baby brother snuggle times and training! Lots and lots of training
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Woo, you got her! Way to go :D
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Thank you!! Now I need to do a reference that does her justice
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