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My last Journal was in mid 2017. I've went through a sweet end of 2017 that crashed into a tragic and difficult 2018 and now in 2019 I'm going through a break up and after going through the intense and soul crushing pain of depression AND losing the one person I cared about the monst, I'm feeling so much better. I am a blessed man. This really did the trick. I RISE! I am filled with excitement and determination to push myself, that euphoric feeling I felt back in 2017 is coming back to me!

I started going to the gym, meditating again, self actualization, meet ups, dating, social challenges/BOLD30, looking for friends and all sorts. If I can get happy I can get a job and I'll be finally in a place of stability and power!

It's been one hell of an adventure. Ups and downs, learning about myself, making mistakes and ultimately going through the struggles I need to go through to reach the place I want to be. I'm excited about my future ultimately because now I've went through it all I know where I stand in life.

Since I was gone I've released 3 GAMES!



and SOON you'll be playing my remake of DynoStory called; Super DynoStory

Also check me out on Gab!

I've been posting some comics there and some drawings. There's an art community/group on gab, it's nice and small. Feels very "close nit". Mr Rex will also return, going through another reconsidering of how I produce Mr Rex.

If you'd like to chat to me, the easiest way is via Discord! All are welcome to chat to me. DynoStorm#5819

I also can't seen to submit any art to DA anymore. The "submit now" button remains grayed out no matter what I do. It's weird, did DA introduce an upload limit or something for free users?! Lol
Links to all my stuff can be found at;
tfw u gotta battle :iconnussettmotion: and Sluggy Skyzira in DynoStory.
oh yeah btw #dynostory

NEW! DynoStory! #gamedev #indiedev #platformer #Pixel #Pixelart



NEW! DynoStory! #gamedev #indiedev #platformer #Pixel #Pixelart


Here's a preview of my new game coming soon ^^ #Metroidvania #Platformer #DynoStory ;
 o ye, btw, #UnTown #Abridged is back! Planning a New Episode every month until it's caught up! PallidCrest  
 Playing #danmaku #unlimited 3 #DU3 @SunnySyTam #Doragon…
-UPDATE- Mr Rex, New Game!, UnTown Abridged, College etc #ZealousMrRex #UnTown #DynoStory

Watch Episode 2 if you missed it:
BRAND NEW SHINY VERSION OF NOW LIVE! Go check it out! Tell me what you think! :) #ZealousMrRex #danmakuDUCKS

015 - New Website by DynoStorm
GOD DAM IT Newgrounds ! YOU HAD ONE JOB #ZealousMrRex #bug…
In the mean time; #BlackDinosaursMatter now on Newgrounds and vidme & Ep2 Tomorrow! 今 #BlackDinosaursMatter は Newgrounds と vidme でリリースーしました。 明日、第2話!…
また Newgroundsvidme で古いのミスターレックスの動画をリリースしました。 #ZealousMrRex #animation #anime http://www.…
Here's a re-release of some Mr Rex on Newgrounds & vidme ! #ZealousMrRex #animation #anime http://www.…
Mr Rex Shorts ; OTHERWORLDLY now on vidme! VIDMEでOTHERWORLDLYをリリースしました。 #ZealousMrRex #animation #anime #ayylmao
日本語・今週 Newgrounds とvidme をミスターレックスの3動画をリリースします。火曜日と水曜日と木曜日ダヨー。そして金曜日に第2話もリリースします!
This week I'm releasing some Shorts onto Newgrounds and Vidme. On Friday is the release of Mr Rex: Episode 2! ^^
Follow me there pls! 

#ZealousMrRex FINALLY! THE DAY IS ARRIVING!! #animation #anime