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[Rainmeter] Animus - Customized by Dyne Arts

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Published: August 27, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 DyneArts
Animus [Customized by Dyne Arts]
Version 1.2
*Update News*

Update 1.2 (Released 29.08.2012)

- change "[]" to "()" because Rainmeter weren't able to create themes with "[]" in the name - LoL
- add theme to the package (background included)

Update 1.1 (Released 29.08.2012):

- Fix seconds (Skin "Time and Date")
- Fix decription (HDD -Skins)

Downloadfile = Rainmeterskinpackage
Skins included:

- Battery status
- Quicklinks to folders
- Quicklinks to Software
- Special Stream Skin for playing Musicstreams
- Diskspace usage
- CPU/RAM usage
- Upload/Download usage
- System uptime
- Quicklinks to system controls (like shutdown, etc.)
- Time and Date

The streamskin include this musicstreams:

- Technolovers (Techno/Hands up)
- Hardlovers (Hardstyle)
- Dublovers (Dubstep)
- Houselovers (House/Electro)
- Puls Trance (Trance)
- Cosmic Waves (Chill Out/Abstrait/Lounge)
- Trance Vibe (Trance/Chill Out/Abstrait/Lounge)
- N-Joy Abstrait (Chill Out/Abstrait/Lounge)

Download Wallpaper: [link]
Download libcad VLC-Plugin (for the Streamskin): [link]
Installation Guide libcad-plugin: [link]
Download Dead Space Font: [link]

Some skins may not work, because there are no links to the respective programs - in this case: edit the skin by right-click on it and replace the "ad link" with the respective programpath.

Set Network:
Edit the Download- or Uploadskin and set maxDownload and maxUpload to your maximum download and upload speed in bits.

Set links (folderlinks):
Put links to respective programs in the folders:
*SKINPATH*\Animus [Customized by Dyne Arts]\Folderlinks\*respective folder*\Links

Sorry for bad english :/ We are only germans :D
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Hello, i was just wondering if you could change the color of the folder links when you hover over them to a color other than orange? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Aww this is so Awesome !!!
stiltefied's avatar
How do i turn the Games, Communities ect buttons around so that the diamond is on the right instead of the left? Iv tried editing the config but i cant figure it out
DyneArts's avatar
DyneArtsHobbyist Photographer
I think its really easy: You only have to change the image of the button (you can find it here: *SKINPATH*\Animus (Customized by Dyne Arts)\Folderlinks\Button.png). Invert the three versions of the image and you have it!
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T-BANG-T9Student Artist
How Can U Change The Folder And Shorcut Icons!?!?!?!
DyneArts's avatar
DyneArtsHobbyist Photographer
It's really easy - you have to replace the images in the skinfolder.
xR4nD0mx3m0x's avatar
I've used this in my latest rainmeter setup. Click here to view.
xR4nD0mx3m0x's avatar
What's the font used on the upload and download bars?
xR4nD0mx3m0x's avatar
I found the font, it's called Ben Pioneer Bold.

You can download it here.
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lol u scared? Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon 
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thanks for the awesome custom desktop. Never before has it been so clean
xiplatypix's avatar
but what is stream skin for?
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DyneArtsHobbyist Photographer
That is a skin, which plays different musicstreams from different internetradios. Maybe some streams are not avaible. I will fix it the next days...
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animus with the marker from dead space ._.
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It looks amazing, but I get "Invalid settings file in: ...\Downloads\"filename".rmskin. Anyone know how I can fix this?
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oh, just updated to the latest version of rainmeter and it worked. In hindsight i probably should have tried that before posting here. sorry :P
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Ah, I see. I had a poke around the folders and couldn't find any templates, so I've asked the original author directly. Thanks anyway :)
jayc4life's avatar
Awesome job! Is the PSD for the icon style included in the package, or uploaded elsewhere at all?
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DyneArtsHobbyist Photographer
We took the Animus 2.0 Skins from jpgeolina and customized some things (look here for the original: [link]). The icon styles were assumed from the original and they're included in the package
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Ryuzaki-90Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nice setup
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fyi...The animus is Assassins Creed, This is Dead Space, The Marker
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