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DWOAH: Lu Bu vs Tadakatsu HondaDeadliest warriors of all historyLu Bu vs Tadakatsu HondaThe mightiest Warriors of the EastLu Bu info:Height: 6 foot 10Weight: 239lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, HalberdStrengths: Can be considered the greatest Warrior to ever grace China, Superhuman strength (Is easily the strongest character of the Dynasty Warriors series, Can kill dozens of enemy Soldiers with single swings of his Halberd, Can kill other characters of the Dynasty Warriors roster with a few hits), Superhuman durability (Is one of the most durable characters of the Dynasty Warriors series, Arrows and even Cannon Balls bounce off of him, Can tank blows from the rest of the Dynasty Warriors roster), Peak human speed, Near infinite stamina, Is so violent and bloodthirsty that he was considered the scourge of China.Weaknesses: His bloodlust and constant search for more battle and glory causes Lu Bu to dive in headfirst into any combat situation without thinking.Tadakatsu Honda info:Height: 6 foot 11Weight: 205lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, HalberdStrengths: Can be considered the greatest Warrior to ever grace Japan, Superhuman strength (Is easily the strongest character of the Samurai Warriors series, Can kill dozens of enemy Soldiers with single swings of his Halberd, Can kill other characters of the Samurai Warriors roster with a few hits), Superhuman durability (Is one of the most durable characters of the Samurai Warriors series, Arrows and even Cannon Balls bounce off of him, Can tank blows from the rest of the Samurai Warriors roster), Peak human speed, Near infinite stamina, Was famed for his record of 100 battles won without suffering a single scratch.Weaknesses: Thanks to his loyalty to Ieyasu Tokugawa Honda will never flee in battle if his Lord is involved and will happily give his life if it means winning the battle.Battle begin!The battlefield was eerily quiet now that only two men were left standing among the masses of Chinese and Japanese corpses that now littered the ground, the only two remaining among the living being Lu Bu and Tadakatsu Honda.“So the legends are true” Lu Bu grinned maliciously as blood dripped from his Halberd’s Blade “the strongest Warrior in all of Japan, finally, a worthy foe!” he exclaimed happily as he then swung his Weapon to which Honda effortlessly blocked with his own Halberd.Lacking the same zealous glee for battle Tadakatsu’s face remained stoney and stoic as he shunted Lu Bu back and thrust his Weapon at him, the Blade glancing the chest plate of his Armour to cut a groove across it.Moving with the hit Lu Bu expertly spun his Halberd making the Blade of it carve through the ground, kicking up dirt as he swung it upwards at Honda who blocked it with the long handle of his Weapon making a shockwave as sparks flew between their Weapons.The ground starting to crack beneath them as both Warriors pushed against each other Tadakatsu shunted forward harder, breaking the Weapons lock before throwing his Fist straight into Lu Bu’s face, the blow resonating throughout the battlefield as Lu Bu just smirked the punch off, forcing Honda’s arm away with his face before throwing his own Fist forward to punch the Japanese man hard in the gut, the punch creating just as large a shockwave as Honda’s Fist did against his skull.“Why so stoic? Do you not enjoy the rush of battle?” Lu Bu then questioned as he noticed how Honda’s face was still stoney and expressionless “does it not excite you?!” he then barked as he then thrust his Halberd forward only for Honda to catch it with his free hand preventing it from reaching his body.Pushing the Halberd away Honda then released it to free his hand before grabbing Lu Bu by the throat, making the Chinese Warrior gag but he still maintained his mad grin as the Japanese Warrior then used the throat hold to lift him up and slam him to the dirt with enough force that it sent several of the fallen Warriors around them flying.Slamming his foot to Lu Bu’s abdomen to keep him pinned Honda then readied his Weapon before driving it down to stab his opponent only for Lu Bu to grab the Blade of it before it could reach his chest, blood starting to run down the Head of Honda’s Halberd as the Blade cut through Lu Bu’s gloves to carve into his skin but he seemed unbothered by it as he forced the Weapon away.As he started to force Tadakatsu back Lu Bu’s body began to glow with Musou, the power further increasing his strength as he then shunted his opponent back and swung at him with his Halberd, the Blade cutting across his abdomen in a horizontal slash drawing blood and making Honda stumble back.Ignoring his stomach wound Honda began to glow with Musou himself, both men readying their Halberds again as their bodies shone with power.With that they both rushed at each other and began their clash again, the sounds of their Halberds meeting over and over ringing out as sparks flew rapidly, their Weapons moving like blurs as their bodies shone brighter with their Musou power, the two occasionally swapping a Halberd swing for a punch and/or a kick every so often to try to outdo each other only to find themselves seemingly perfectly matched throughout the clash.That was until the two finally hit their mark, Lu Bu thrusting his Halberd forward whilst Honda swung his downwards, both men grunting and spitting blood as both Weapons struck through Armour and dug deep into flesh.Looking down Honda found that Lu Bu’s Weapon had impaled him cleanly through the stomach whilst the head of his own Halberd was now neatly buried in the nape of the Chinese Warriors neck, having cut through the dense muscle and into the collarbone causing blood to spurt freely out as it had cut in deep enough to be called a 1/3rd completed decapitation.With that the two found themselves in a deadlock as their Weapons were stuck fast “what a fight” Lu Bu commented with a dry laugh as blood poured from his mouth “wouldn’t you agree? Doesn’t this make your blood boil with excitement? This is how Warriors like us live, this is why we were born!”.“You are no Warrior” Tadakatsu hissed back, breaking his stoic silence “you are a feral Beast, fit only to be put down”.In response to the insult Lu Bu just grinned wider before throwing several punches at Tadakatsu’s head, each blow feeling like he was punching solid stone as well as having somewhat the same effect as Tadakatsu barely reacted to the hits, only throwing his head forward to slam it to Lu Bu’s face breaking his nose.With some more struggling both men were soon reduced to panting statues, blood pouring down them as Lu Bu spoke again “looks like we’re at an impasse, this is no way for Warriors like us to die, bleeding out like a stuck pig” he stated placing a hand on the head of Honda’s Halberd.But instead of trying to pull it out he instead pressed down hard on it causing it to cut deeper into his flesh “I have no intention of bleeding out like a weakling! I thank you...for the fight of my life!” he then barked as he suddenly kicked his leg out to violently kick the base of Honda’s Weapon causing the head of it to carve even deeper into his neck.Watching in utter surprise Honda stared as Lu Bu decapitated himself, blood spurting from his neck stump like a fountain as his body went crashing to the dirt, his Halberd starting to be pulled from Honda’s stomach as his grip remained ironclad on its hilt prompting Honda to suddenly grab it, using his own Halberd to cut the head from the hilt to keep the Blade buried inside of it to stem the majority of the blood flow from it.Clutching the Halberd head to keep it steady in his gut Honda then staggered back before steadying himself with the base of his own Weapon, using it like a walking stick as he then turned to walk back to his Camp in desperate need of a healer.Winner: Tadakatsu HondaNow I’ll admit this was much quicker than I had intended it to be but when both characters are so similar in every way it’s actually a lot harder to write a more descriptive battle for them.But why does Tadakatsu win in my opinion?Well it comes down to one simple thing, when playing Dynasty Warriors and Lu Bu enters the battlefield you’re told to ‘beware’ and ‘be careful’ when confronting him. But when playing Samurai Warriors and Tadakatsu enters the battlefield you’re told something very different.Run, Avoid, DO. NOT. ENGAGE.Tadakatsu is so powerful that no matter which character you pick to play as he is deemed far too dangerous to engage and most of the time if you choose to attack him he takes no damage and can insta-kill you, something Lu Bu does not have as he can be defeated and forced to retreat in nearly every interaction with him.So despite what a lot of my readers stated I had to give Honda the victory here.
DWOAH: Orochi vs Baldur
Deadliest warriors of all historyBaldur vs OrochiAll I want is to feel defeatOrochi info: Height: 6 foot 11Weight: 400lbsWeapons: Scythe, Telekinetic PowersStrengths: As the God of Serpents Orochi is one of the most powerful beings in the joint Samurai/Dynasty Warriors series, Demigod-like strength (Is vastly more physically powerful than anyone else in either Samurai or Dynasty Warriors series, Out strengthed even the likes of Lu Bu and Tadakatsu Honda, Is even stronger in his Orochi X form), Demigod-like durability (Tanked blows from the entire rosters of both Samurai and Dynasty Warriors, Tanked blows from other Gods, Is even more durable in his Orochi X form), Supersonic speeds (Outsped the entire roster of Samurai and Dynasty Warriors roster, Matched and/or outsped the other Gods, Is even faster in his Orochi X form), Can summon his Demon army at will, Is telekinetic (Telekinetically lifted both Japan and China to transfer them into his reality to pit them against each other for his amusement).Weaknesses: Despite his immense durability Orochi can be beaten and killed if damaged enough.Baldur info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 200lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Light MagicStrengths: As son of Odin and Freya Baldur is one of the most powerful Gods of the Norse pantheon being the Norse God of Light, Godlike strength (As God Baldur is physically one of the most powerful beings in the God of War universe, Easily matched Kratos’s strength when Kratos is strong enough to flip over the room that contains Yggdrasil which technically weighs as much as the nine Realms it holds, When grappling with Kratos they created a canyon beneath them just from pushing against each other, Knocked out Jormungandr with just a few punches), Godlike durability (Baldur was easily one of the most durable enemies Kratos ever faced, Tanked and completely shrugged off punches from Kratos and blows from both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos), FTL speeds/MFTL reactions (As the God of Light Baldur could move at the speed of light and easily outpaced and outsped Kratos), Nigh immortality (Thanks to an spell cast upon him by his mother Baldur is immune to nigh all forms of damage by their physical or Magical, Shrugs off all wounds that should be fatal including having his neck broken by Kratos), Can manipulate Light both offensively and defensively, Is a master of the hunt, Escaped Helheim with relative ease.Weaknesses: Because of the spell that grants him immortality Baldur has lost all sense of pain and sensation which drives him to just throw himself into Berserker rages in combat uncaring about the damage he takes, Is borderline suicidal in his quest to feel sensation again, Mistletoe is the only thing that can harm him and break the spell that grants him immortality.Battle begin!(Midgard)The sounds of the pained wails of an Ogre echoed through the frozen forest as it was thrown through the air like it was weightless, its body smashing through the trees knocking several of them over before it landed hard sliding across the frozen ground.As it landed a shirtless man came crashing down to the ground nearby, the ground splintering as he landed on his feet before straightening up and rolling his shoulders “come on, let’s try this again, this time WITH FEELING!” Baldur demanded as the Ogre hauled itself up and launched itself at the God with a feral roar, Baldur doing nothing to get out of the way of it, even allowing it to slam its massive hands to his head making it snap to the side with enough force that it should have snapped his neck.Instead however he just let out a disappointed sigh and rolled his head back to look up at the Ogre with an almost pitying look in his expression, the Ogre bellowing in his face before Baldur just grabbed it by the jaw and effortlessly lifted the Monster up with one hand, slamming it to the frozen ground before starting to rain punches to its skull shattering it and sending blood spurting everywhere.“WHY….CAN NONE OF YOU...MAKE ME FEEL…ANYTHING?!” he roared between punches before raising his foot and bringing it down hard on the Ogres broken skull, smashing its head and face to a bloody pulp leaving its body just twitching in the frost.Breathing heavily as he gazed down on the Ogres corpse the God then let out a shout of anger kicking the corpse hard enough to send it flying before spinning around to slam his Fist through a tree, splintering it in half before grabbing the top half and throwing it high in the air, sending it far out of sight as he then slammed both Fists to his chest and threw his head back in an anguished cry of rage and frustration from his numbed senses “DAMN YOU MOTHER!!!!!!”.As his cry echoed through the icy Northern air the sounds of heavy footsteps soon joined it, Baldur slowly turning around in the direction of the footsteps to find a large blue skinned man holding a Scythe marching towards him “and who in the nine Realms are you meant to be? A Dark Elf?” the God of Light mused as he started to pace restlessly from side to side in front of the blue being.“There is talk of a man who is without pain and sensation, a man who can walk through the sheerest cold and the harshest of flames and not feel anything, a man who cannot be struck down in battle” Orochi stated as he eyed the smaller God from top to toe taking in his tattooed skin and piercing blue eyes as Baldur just glared back at him “I have come to learn the feeling of numbness, the crippling emptiness that replaces the sensation of pride after another victory, I have grown bored of this life and seek a challenge that can either give me a glorious defeat or bring back the feeling of elation in victory”.“And you think you can find that in me?” Baldur scoffed back, the God looking at Orochi with a tired look of exasperation on his features before laughing dryly “well, what kind of Norseman would I be if I turned down a challenge to a fight eh?” he then added, giving a small tired sigh before suddenly flash stepping forward to slug Orochi hard in the face sending the Snake God flying back to smash into the large boulder that was behind him.As he made contact with the boulder Orochi rebounded off of it and side stepped as Baldur rushed forward causing the Aesir to smash his Fist through the boulder rather than his body as he then drove the Blade of his Scythe forward into Baldur’s stomach and out of his back to impale the Aesir.Looking down at the huge head of the Scythe digging into his abdomen Baldur only sighed before looking up at Orochi “is that all?” he sighed before sharply elbowing the Snake God in the face, knocking him back before grabbing the handle of the Scythe to slowly pull the Blade out from his body.Quickly recovering from the blow to the face Orochi wrenched his Weapon from Baldur’s grasp before swinging it horizontally to Baldur calmly leaned backwards to let it pass over him, the Weapon slicing through several trees behind him sending the severed halves crashing to the frozen earth.Straightening himself as the Scythe passed over him Baldur smirked before starting to rain punches down upon the other God, slamming his Fists against Orochi’s face and chest repeatedly with lightning fast speeds making mini shockwaves with every impact.As he mercilessly pummelled the Snake God Baldur was completely unaware of the large piece of cut down tree that was beginning to levitate behind him, the cut base of it breaking and sharpening into jagged edges before it was hurled straight into Baldur’s back, making him grunt from the impact as the jagged edges cut into his skin as Orochi mentally manipulated it forward trying to run it through the Aesir’s body.Grunting in more frustration than anything from the intense pressure on his back Baldur threw his elbow back to shatter the tree trunk, sending shards everywhere to stop it baring down on him before throwing his Fist down at Orochi’s face again only for the ground beneath them to erupt, the Snake God using his Telekinesis to send huge chunks of stone bursting from the ground forcing Baldur away.“Feeble!” Orochi spat as he used his Telekinesis to rise from the ground, standing strong despite the heavy bruising on his face and chest as he then readied his Scythe and lunged at Baldur, swinging the Weapon aiming to decapitate the Aesir only for the Blade of the Scythe to stop the moment it reached Baldur’s spine, cutting through skin and muscle just fine but the moment it hit bone it could travel no further.Reaching up to grab the head of the Scythe Baldur gave Orochi a disappointed ‘really?’ look as he pulled the Blade from his neck, the entrance wound healing and disappearing near instantly as the Aesir gave a condescending smirk.Wrenching his Scythe from Baldur’s grasp Orochi began swinging it wildly at the God, cleaving it through the air so fast it created razor sharp air currents that carved through the forest behind Baldur, felling dozens of trees and carving through boulders as every wound it left on the God healed up the very second the Scythe left his tattooed skin.Carving his Scythe upwards across Baldur’s chin leaving a bloody gash that immediately closed up Orochi then unleashed a shockwave of Telekinetic Energy around him sending Baldur flying back, the Aesir being sent sailing into the air as Orochi then swung his Scythe again, cutting down more trees before launching them at the Norse God like they were Spears.As he flew through the air Baldur rolled backwards until he was upright in the air allowing him to face the trees as they came flying at him, the God punching the first two away before grabbing the third and spinning in the air using the tree he had grabbed to smash the others away from him.Throwing the one he had grabbed away Baldur looked behind him to judge where he was going to land only to smash into the side of a mountain a split second later, the Aesir impacting wit the cold stone of the mountain so hard he was indented into it as deep cracks ran along the stone for several metres in every direction.Blinking a couple of times Baldur then sighed again “still can’t feel it” he muttered as he pulled himself from the stone, rolling his shoulder to dust himself off as Orochi levitated towards him “is that honestly all you’ve got?” he sneered as he then hung from the rock balancing his feet against him to support himself as he dug his fingers into the stone for a handle whilst beckoning Orochi to try again with his other hand in a mocking manner.In response Orochi just held his left hand forward to which Baldur felt the very mountain he had crashed into start to move, the Snake God showing his true power of Telekinesis as he then tore the entire mountain from its foundations and raising it high into the air as Baldur then released his grip on it, the Aesir God falling to land hard on the frozen earth below as he was cast in the massive shadow of the now floating mountain.Gazing up at the mountain Baldur then noticed Orochi looking down upon him before relaxing his hand prompting the mountain to start to fall bringing an almost smile to his face “I...might actually feel this” he commented as he then bent his knees and launched himself into the air straight towards the falling mountain.Watching as the mountain came crashing down felling the entire forest around it from the sheer force of impact creating a devastating earthquake “how feeble, I put too much faith in you” Orochi commented watching as the dust cloud blanketed the destroyed forest around the felled mountain “once again I have raut nought but death and destruction and I feel...nothing”.Moments later the sounds of cracking stone began to ring out drawing Orochi’s attention, the Snake God noticing how deep crackles and splinters began to run down the mountain before the entire thing split in two with an explosion of light “I CAN’T FEEL IIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!” Baldur roared more in despair than anger as he flew towards Orochi holding a massive several hundred ton boulder high above his head, his face a mixture of sorrow and rage as the sheer frustration of being unable to feel the fight drove him crazy.With a roar of rage Baldur brought the boulder down upon Orochi’s head, the impact creating a shockwave as Baldur slammed his Fist to the boulder to add even more pressure onto it, the punch shattering the boulder whilst Orochi was sent crashing back down to earth with the force and pressure of a meteor.Crash landing a few dozen metres away Baldur then marched over to where Orochi had landed finding the Snake God picking himself up as his body glowed with energy, his form changing as he ascended to his X form, his horns falling off as his hair lengthened as his body took a sleeker less bulky physique “maybe I had misjudged you Norseman, maybe you can give me the excitement I crave” Orochi stated as his body thrummed with power.“Oh I’m honored” Baldur drawled back sarcastically before his eyes and tattoos began to glow a bright white, the Aesir calling upon his power over Light itself as he suddenly flash stepped forward, slugging Orochi hard in the face before the Snake God could react, the sheer impact of his Fist against Orochi’s jaw creating a shockwave which cracked the ground beneath them before Orochi’s body seemed to ‘catch up’ with the punch as it went sailing backwards a couple of seconds later, his heels carving through the ground as he dug them in to slow himself to a stop.As he came to a stop he swung his Scythe to try to intercept Baldur but the Aesir proved far too fast for him, the Norse God raining punches upon his face and upper body at the speed of light, every punch creating a blight flash of light with every hit before Baldur landed a crushing haymaker on Orochi’s face, creating a blinding flash of light as the Serpent Deity was slugged straight to the dirt.As Orochi hit the ground Baldur leaped upon him and continued the brutal beat down, using his legs to pin down the Serpent Gods arms as he slammed his Fists to his head over and over again, his tattoos shining brighter and brighter until finally Orochi blasted him away with a wave of Telekinesis, Baldur landing on his feet and crouching to slow himself to a stop before the ground around him suddenly rose and smashed around him, Orochi using his Telekinesis to try to crush the Aesir until tons upon tons of earth as he continually added more and more rocks to the pile upon Baldur.Despite the crushing pressure of the rocks and earth being forward upon him Baldur fought through it, letting out a near feral yell as he threw his arms out to blast the earth away from him, throwing his head back with an enraged shout as his tattoos and eyes glowed even brighter before punching around another chunk of earth that Orochi threw at him.As he punched it however he felt something, his eyes stopping glowing as he stared at his Fist in shock.He felt something.It hurt.As the pieces of boulder hit the dirt Baldur looked at his Fist and in the now closing cuts on his knuckles he found a small sprig of green and red plant.Mistletoe.Staring in surprise at his hand Baldur’s eyes widened as his hand suddenly flashed green, the light then washing over his body as if removing a film from over his body and as it washed over him he suddenly began to feel the crisp chill of the cold of the air.As a smile slowly graced Baldur’s features Orochi rushed to attack him only for Baldur to turn and grab his Scythe before it could reach his flesh “I should thank you, you’ve given me truly the greatest of gifts” Baldur spoke as he relished the feeling of the snow on his skin as a snow storm started to pick up “and now allow me to grant you the defeat you’ve been craving!” he then added before throwing Orochi back and calling upon his Light powers again making his eyes and tattoos glow again.Landing on his feet Orochi lifted several more boulders with Telekinesis and threw them at Baldur before rushing after them with his Scythe, the God punching the boulders away before gasping as Orochi drove his Scythe through his body, the Aesir gagging and spitting blood before laughing maniacally in the Snake Gods face “I CAN FEEL IT!!!” he cackled before dragging Orochi forward to slam their heads together, stunning the Serpent Deity as Baldur then pulled his Scythe from his hands and wrenched the Blade from his abdomen, borderline loving the pain it brought him as the wound then closed up.Tossing the Scythe aside Baldur then slammed his Fists to the ground sending two waves of Weaponised Light at Orochi which cut across his body and made him cry out in pain as they burned his flesh, the burning making him stagger as Baldur rushed him again slamming his Fist to his gut to wind him before grabbing his arm and turning around to snap the Snake Gods elbow over his shoulder, making him cry out in pain again as his arm bent backwards at the elbow.After breaking his arm Baldur then slammed his elbow to the Snake God’s gut making him stagger back again before flash stepping behind him and grabbing him from behind in a headlock and twisting sharply, a flash of light blinding the area as the sound of Orochi’s neck breaking echoed out.Gasping as his neck was broken and he rapidly felt his body going numb and shutting down a small smile graced Orochi’s features as he was finally granted the good fight and defeat that he had craved, going out with a quiet death rattle as Baldur then let his body fall to the frozen ground.Panting as he gazed down upon Orochi’s corpse Baldur then reached down to scoop up enjoying the sharp sting of the cold on his palm “finally mother, YOUR CURSE IS LIFTED!!!” he then roared to the sky, intent on finding Freya and making her suffer for the century of sensory numbness she had forced him to live through.Winner: BaldurDamn it’s been a long time since I touched upon the God of War series, I really need to look into opponents for other GoW characters, mainly Zeus and Hercules.Anyway, why does Baldur beat Orochi?Well some people could argue that the only thing preventing Baldur from being killed is solely the spell Freya had placed upon him that prevents anything save for Mistletoe from harming him but I believe that even without it Baldur’s divinity would prevent Orochi from being able to take him down, hell even after Freya’s spell was broken Baldur was still shrugging off everything Kratos threw at him and was only killed when Kratos took him by surprise to snap his neck.Also something else that could be argued is that if Orochi was able to move the entire countries of Japan and China with his mind and smash them together wouldn’t he be able to, you know, bring the entire country down upon Baldur and crush him to death after the spell protecting him had been broken?Arguably yes but that would mean getting away from Baldur for long enough to focus his mind on the entire country and then somehow get Baldur under it before dropping it and being a true Norse God Baldur wasn’t going to just let him get away from the fight making that option a moot point.And even without the spell that protects Baldur from near all harm his superior strength, durability and far superior speed would easily be enough to eventually put Orochi down.At least in the end the Snake God somewhat got what he wanted.
Wallpapers, banners, etc...
GB - Dynasty_Warriors - Diaochan With Two Husband by Ghocha
GB - Dynasty Warriors - Lu Lingqi by Ghocha
GB - Dynasty Warriors - Diaochan Updated ! by Ghocha
GB - Dynasty Warriors - Lu Bu by Ghocha


Chibi Commission - For Luzebel by x-Cute-Kitty-x Chibi Commission - For Luzebel :iconx-cute-kitty-x:x-Cute-Kitty-x 43 1 Dynasty Warrior 8 - Lu Xun by vaxzone Dynasty Warrior 8 - Lu Xun :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 229 13 Wang Yuanji by Hemea Wang Yuanji :iconhemea:Hemea 9 5 Light the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms by Digital-Iconic Light the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms :icondigital-iconic:Digital-Iconic 24 14 Sima Zhao by vthong1992 Sima Zhao :iconvthong1992:vthong1992 14 0 Dynasty Warriors: Zhou Yu by Setomi Dynasty Warriors: Zhou Yu :iconsetomi:Setomi 713 112 Dynasty Warriors Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao by aku-no-hana2 Dynasty Warriors Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao :iconaku-no-hana2:aku-no-hana2 36 5 DW: Sun Shang Xiang by LordColorpuke DW: Sun Shang Xiang :iconlordcolorpuke:LordColorpuke 20 3 Peach Garden by LordColorpuke Peach Garden :iconlordcolorpuke:LordColorpuke 21 13 DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 SHU by PAPAWS DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 SHU :iconpapaws:PAPAWS 85 10 Dynasty Warriors 7 Xiao Qiao 1 by SNTP Dynasty Warriors 7 Xiao Qiao 1 :iconsntp:SNTP 0 2 Dynasty Warriors 7 Xiao Qiao and Sun Ce 1 by SNTP Dynasty Warriors 7 Xiao Qiao and Sun Ce 1 :iconsntp:SNTP 6 7 Cao Cao by soysaurus1 Cao Cao :iconsoysaurus1:soysaurus1 11 3 Liu Bei by soysaurus1 Liu Bei :iconsoysaurus1:soysaurus1 9 6

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