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This is a list of the top 11 catfights that happened on Dynasty. Why top 11? Because there actually are 11 catfights that happen throughtout the series! :XD:

11. Kirby vs Alexis… (this one is in French; a shorter, English version is here:… skip to) This is, without a doubt the worst catfight ever to happen on Dynasty. Kirby is acting like a robot, the pacing is awful, and come ON, Alexis, you've battled strapping figures like Krystle and Dex and you can't throw off a little waif like Kirby? What's wrong with you?! Ugh, let's move on.

10. Kirby vs Mrs Litton… (skip to 8:50)… This catfight was definately an improvement from the last - and it proved that Kirby actually could fight. But sadly, its still lacking. It should've been longer, with more hair-pulling and scratching and such. Plus there were too many wideshots and furniture kept getting in the way as well.

9. Sammy Jo vs Fallon… For a catfight that has everything (a water-filled trough, a mudhole, a furious blonde, an English girl in a riding outfit), this sadly isn't one of the best fights either. The beginning and the ending of the fight are good, and the dialogue is funny, but they really don't fight in this, just more like clumsy pushing each other around. *sigh* Oh well.

8. Dominique vs Alexis… This is definately an improvement, because they actually fight and really get into it. However, this is still placed relatively low for several reasons: I don't like their outfits, they're kinda... eh? :shrug: Plus the reason for they're fighting is rather silly and juvenile, and not for the reasons they should've been (like Alexis buying out Dominique's brother's business). And it seems rather like it was thrown in 'just because'. But oh well, its still worth the watch. :)

7. Krystle vs Alexis (the Reunion)… Again the reason for their fighting is juvenile and randomly put in, but I think its better than the previous one because the outfits are prettier, and the action is far more wild. Plus there's hair-pulling on both sides! :w00t:

6. Sammy Jo vs Claudia… Not technically a catfight, but the whole thing is so perfectly executed that I just had to include it. Both look great, the emotions and the reasons are wonderful, its just a great moment. :D:D:D

5. Sammy Jo vs Amanda… I think this may be the only catfight that had no stunt doubles (with the possible exception of the Kirby vs Litton catfight). Plus its completely awesome that two blondes in ravishing even gowns are going at in a pool, especially two blondes who've been through hell this past season. :XD: Sadly, it marks the very last scene of the lovely Catherine Oxenberg. :(

4. Sable vs Alexis… An awesomely awesome scene filled with drama, confusion, and pure utter excitement! Sable looks like a roaring lion/tiger/leopard ready to shred Alexis to pieces, don't she? :D:D:D Plus it happened just like catfights are supposed to, towards the end after all the drama and tension boils and explodes. :D:D:D

3. Krystle vs Alexis (lily pond)… The most iconic catfight in all of Dynasty. Two dolled up lovely women going at in a pretty lily pond with a magnificent mansion in the background... very fairy-tale like, and amusing, and towards the end of the season. No wonder its so memorable. :D:D:D:D:D

2. Krystle vs Alexis (studio)… I put this one higher because its the first ever catfight on Dynasty, and it shows the first time Krystle really stands up for herself. Its exciting, thrilling, a total knockdown! :D:D:D:D:D

1. Krystle vs Rita… Easily the most surreal catfight, but definately the best, because its so rough and tumble, far more violent and dark than any of the other fights (with the possible exception of the Kirby vs Litton fight). Plus, its kind've a twin-fight; and its two blondes wearing long skirts. And even though it doesn't take place at the end of the season, its still fitting, because its at the end of a certain storyline, which is always good. :):D:):D:):D:):D:):D
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Sammy Jo vs Amanda was my top. A fantasy for me, to see Catherine and Heather in a catfight had come truth!