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Humanoid GLaDOS

Other pix I commissioned

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Bookmark Sale - Two Names version

Bookmark Samples

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Flutterbat in Red Chinese Dress

Chinese New Year 2014

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Uluru Rocks

Twilight Sparkle's Uluru Adventure

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Friendship and Love

Twilight Sparkle IV

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RD Doll

Rainbow Dash from a Shop

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Solar Orb


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I Cannot Believe What I'm Seeing

Sad Lake

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Let's wait...

Closed Flowers

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Candle Flame 1

Candle Flame Experiment

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Into Dryness 57

Into Dryness

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Burgers and Salad

Burger Dinner with Twilight Sparkle

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Close Enough - XI DW ver.

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1-About to pounce

Different Apple

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You Are Coming with Me

My Little Easter

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Not so Fast Tirek!

Tirek, you're going DOWN

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A Success!

Bespectacled Twilight Sparkle

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Temple of Knowledge

Twilight Sparkle's Book Fort

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Twilight and Fishies 4

Pony Pix - others

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Ultra Magic

Allies of the Light

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Web as Streamers?

Pinkie 'Smiling-Spider-Riding' Pie

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First Meeting

Kaiju Princess

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Bunga Raya

Walking Chronicles

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On Sandy Surface

Twilight's Winery Weekend

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Flutterbat: APPLE__Me: 0

Flutterbat's Bedtime Snack

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Photon Play 69

Photon Play

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In the Air

New Friend Dashy

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Not Gonna Stop this Affectionate Ear-Nibbling!


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P-G-Y 39


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Nevaeh, Vorpal Sword and Twilight Radiant at Beach

The Martial Siblings

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I'm adorable like that? Oh you... Thanks.

Ponies and a Laptop

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Fillies and Coffees


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Shimmering Clouds


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Flower on Campus 3

Flora and Assorted Plants

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You are an enemy, and you will be EXTERMINATED

The Occasional Fauna

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Random Others

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Glass Block

Playing with a Glass and some Candy Wrappers

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Bespectacled Mentor Celestia

Ponies with Spectacles

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Seeing Double Rainbows

With epicrainbowcrafts'

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Mushroom Soup Noodle

Crazy Cooking

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Twilight Sparkle, enjoying a crepe

A Pony's Culinary Chronicles

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A Powerful Queen

Tarot Decor

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The Queen hears you like Bunny-mares...

Residential Villainess

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Corner of the Room

Room Walls

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Friendship and Love

Crystal Princess of Love

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Tired, Sister? Let Us Carry You then

Sisters of the Night

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Death is Near v5


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