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Hi! I'm a freelance artist with a growing small business and an interest in animation work. Cartoons, character design and animal people are my livelihood! I post a lot of commissions as well as personal and fan works here.

I talk a lot but I don't bite! I enjoy answering questions about my work and opinions, but please don't message me just to say hi or to RP at me--I don't respond to notes/DMs unless you're asking about a commission or something else that demands my attention.

I love and appreciate getting gift art and doing commissions featuring my characters, but DO NOT use my characters for your personal projects, roleplays, or anything else without my say-so. Every one of them is very special to me and so are the stories I create for them. They are NOT free to use!

Thanks for visiting!


Not usually. I have to really like your art and be in the mood for these.
Don't ask, the answer is always no unless you are a close friend.
Never. Points don't pay my bills!
Possibly, ask me! Would love to do more of these.

Find information about my art and commissions at my WEBSITE.
Send me a note or place your order HERE.

Consider leaving me a tip here if you like my work!

Other places to find me:
Twitter | FurAffinity

Things that describe me:
Furry by Shulky digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK I Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Bisexual stamp by pulsebomb Lolita Fashion Stamp by kissmykandi Gamer Stamp by Fastmon Blue by Stampernaut I love Cats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Cookies by KittyJewelpet78

These are a few of my favorite things:

.:My Everything:.



"Hey, the name's Cephalon! Next to me is my star, my bright light, my wonderful Krystal.

Let's see... how to describe Krystal... well she's a sweet and adorable firefly squid who literally lights up my world. And for a cool guy like me who can't sit still and gets in over his head sometimes, she's super patient with me and really helps set me straight. And gosh, is she ever beautiful... I'm really lucky to have her. Krystal thinks I can be a a dork and a worry wart sometimes, but it's okay. I know she loves me, heh.

We've been a thing for about 3 months now. Never knew life could be so bright with my Krystal before... No way am I ever giving this up anytime soon."



Kry, I'm really glad you're my friend... I don't think I'm very good at making friends and keeping them, but I'm glad I met you and that you've been with me for these past 6 months. I appreciate that we have so much in common, that we get along so well and that we can brighten each other's days so easily. It's funny because I think about how you find friends when and where you least expect it, but I'm thankful that you're in my life and for all the time we spend together. I'm always gonna be here for you when no matter what and I'm thankful that you're there for me even when I'm at my worst. Goodness knows I need it.

You're like a sister to me and I'd do anything in the world for you. I really treasure our friendship and I enjoy your company and presence; I really don't know where I'd be without someone like you to stick by me all this time. I love you and I want to love you for as long as I can, just like Krystal and Cephalon will for each other.

Cephalon (c) Myself
Krystal (c) CometStarDraggin
Icons by R-no71

What do you think of my commission prices? Please remember I need to make livable wages off them. Any reasonable suggestions welcome. 

31 deviants said They're just right
11 deviants said They're too high
5 deviants said They're too low


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hum hey, is the time scrambler still going to be a thing?
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Hello random deviant.
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Oh jeez, your art is so nice! I can't believe I hadn't seen your art sooner! And you're into Splatoon!~
Keep up that great art, friend~
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Chivi-chivik Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! :)
I remember that long ago you were interested in getting the White Arrowbands in Splatoon 2. Well, it seems that in the 3.0.0. update they'll be back! Check the second image of this tweet (from SplatoonJP, the official account). One of the inklings seem to be wearing them:…
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Oh this artwork is so beautiful. ^w^
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Nice Gallery you got there.
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*your random post for the day* djjahagshhwjajhsb
:meow: Is it just me or has your art style gotten even cuter with each drawing you post here?
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