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My Bio
Favourite genre of music: Old school heavy metal, classic rock, old school punk, some power pop in there somewheres
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Snake Eyes, Lion-O, would Mario count as a cartoon?
Personal Quote: "Your an ass."

Favourite Visual Artist
Myself, my girlfriend, choassaints, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, list could still go on
Favourite Movies
Batman Begins, Jaws, Project A, Dawn of the Dead (original) The Warriors,Transformers...list goes on
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Green Day. Black Sabbath, KISS, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, The Clash, list goes on and on
Favourite Writers
Frank Miller, myself on some occassions
Favourite Games
Guitar Hero, Mario Bros. Megaman, Castlevania, yet ANOTHER list that goes on and on
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Tablet, Pencil occassionaly, Alias Sketchbook, sometimes photoshop...evil evil photoshop...
Other Interests
Comic books, movies, video games, my hot as hell girlfriend
Surprisingly enough yes, I know I kind of screwed the pooch on updating anything here. Been really busy and havent had time to really draw, but yea surprisingly enough I am going to be going to Motor City Comic Con with a friend of mine at his table, I did the cover of his comic so now I am officially part of his team. Should hopefully be a lot of fun, I might even be getting a table at Wizard this year as well. Who knows?
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Back From Hell

0 min read
A full year has gone by since I have really checked this place out. It's weird in all honesty, coming back to seeing...over 5000 messages. Wow I let the place the go. Anyway, I think I'm going to start uploading stuff again, see what happens. Anyone still out there?
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Nothing like an Altered Beast reference to start things off. So yea...Ive been gone for....wow Oct 24 was my last journal. It's been sometime, sure a lot of people thought I just up and left the site. Nah, I wouldn't do that, least not like the million other times I did. Anyway, I haven't really had time to do a lot as far as updates go. School is finished, passed pretty much all my classes Im happy to say. I have just been REALLY busy lately. Awesome news, Im in a band! Pretty sweet Id say. Im a drummer in my brothers band, I havent played in any of their shows yet but I really have to say it's felt awesome to be able to be a part of somethi
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I'm currently tracking down Brutal Legend fan art for inclusion in an upcoming gallery on brutallegend.net ([link]), and would like to feature this one if you're willing:


Let me know whether or not this is OK. :)
Sure thing. Go right ahead.
Thanks! It's now been added to the site. :)
Hey. check out this funny blog!! LOL CLICK HERE
Thanks for the favorite!
I LOVE The Question... just thought I'd let you know that-- going now! x)
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