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How to make armor by Maguma


Quick edit's note. either use some sort of crayon or strong marking pencil on the camping mat, if that doesn't work use a sharpie. Sharpie will work well but the mat Absorbs like crazy so when you handle it you WILL get your hands a bit dirty. will remod tutorial for updated version later when kinks in neck are gone XD
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I would probably skip the vinyl, but would this type of armor hold up to, say, getting whacked with pool noodles with fiberglass cores?
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if you are looking to use it for SCA or other LARPing events, multiple levels of padding will do you just fine.
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Thank you!  I was planning to use chipboard at this point, with some paper mache, but I could definitely use this for thicker pieces!  Does armor made of this foam get too hot?  I'd be wearing it in the summer sometimes.
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it gets sweaty but I've never felt like I've gotten too hot because of it. My only warning and concern is just to stay hydrated because you will sweat in any armor that's covering a majority of your body or limbs.
i think using camping mat material is better for me because i can actually get it frm the store
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i need to try it with the walmart camping mat
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Awesome!!! This will definatly help with my Bastion cosplay!!! Thanks!
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Would you say that this would be appropriate for the great Siegmeyer of Catarina?
more broadly knight armor in general?
Do you think this method would work for a Dark Eldar armor?
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Your tutorial is easy to understand and you make it seem easy! This is very helpful :)
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I'm definitely thinking of using this tutorial for Madara! ^^ Thanks!
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Would you mind me asking which brand of foam you use? I love how this turned out!
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It's called EVA foam, you can find them in many ways, the most common are camping mats and Workshop floor mats for tool sheds and such.
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Oooh camping mat! That's a great idea!
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You, my good sir, are a genius. Thanks so much for putting this up!
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Glad you can use it~ you're very welcome!!
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I may try this soon, thanks for sharing!
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you're very welcome~
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How did you bend the camping mat to that shape? :?
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I glued a second piece to it in that shape to help bring a bit more curve to it. by gluing it down all the way it removes a good amount of the give for flexibility and helps it stay in that shape. also wrapping it up or compressing it and leaving it in a specific position over a long period of time will make it naturally bend.
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I heard someone say that using a heat gun and bending it also works, do you know if this is truths or lies?
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