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:icondynamicsavior:DynamicSavior posted a status
                           The First Warriors

This is a story I've had for a couple years now.  I remember when Batman Begins came out, and people on some of the boards were saying that it would be cool if there was an "origins" approach to a PR movie.  So that got my gears turning, and I came up with a little something.  The ideas have been brewing for a while, so I think now is a good time to start showing some things I came up with :-)
Basically, I tied PR with some Zyuranger mythos.  I always wondered what happened beforehand, how did Zordon end up in that tube, how did Rita end up in that can and all that.  I watched Zyuranger with a friend of mine and it filled a lot of holes that PR left in it lol
I'm not going to type the whole story here, but I wouldn't mind typing it up on here if anyone would like to see it :-)

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