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:icondynamicsavior:DynamicSavior posted a status
Time for an update!!
So I noticed I have a LOT of ugly stuff in my gallery lol
I'm going to start getting rid of a lot of things.   I'm also going to do some art over, because there are a few things in my gallery that deserve to be drawn better.   Plus,  I've also grown as an artist since the last time I've done a lot of these.  I've been sitting on some ideas and now I think it's time to let them be seen :-)
Also, 2015 is going to be 20 years (yeah, I'm that old lol) of me doing fanfiction art, so I'm going to be doing an anniversary theme again :-)
Since you guys liked the last one so much (GoVenger ExVee in my gallery)
So keep your eyes peeled guys, shoot me a request, and keep up your own good work! :-))))))

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