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Hey everybody!
I created a new account specifically for all my super hero designs and what not :-)
The page is
I hope you all like my super heros as much as you dig my Sentai designs lol
When I was 24, I wasn't drawing that much.  I then started having recurring dreams of dogs chasing me or barking at me.  So I went to a dream interpretation website, and it said that dreams of dogs chasing you, meant that you had a talent that you weren't using at all, or wasn't taking the time to cultivate.  After that I realized why I was having those dreams.  For the past few weeks, I haven't been drawing that much because I've been focusing on my music, and making preparations to move back to Los Angeles.  So my mind hasn't been thinking about art that much, because I like to draw with a clear mind. Today when I left work, a dog came after me.  I guess I need to haul some pencil then lol.  I'm going to start uploading concept work for my MMPR: The First Warriors movie fanfic.  I think you guys are really going to enjoy the ideas I have, and hopefully, become inspired :-)
Uploading concept art for my MMPR origins story :-)
Stay Tuned! 
Hey everybody :-) 
I just created a new chat room. Now most of the time when I'm on here, I'll be in there. 
Why didn't anyone tell me this is the best Sentai team movie ever? 
If I'm drawing a team picture, please let me know if you want me to draw them with or without weapons.  It takes a lot of time for me to come up with good designs, and I usually work on more than one request at once. It kind of hinders me to draw a whole picture, and then to get a request for one with weapons, when I could have done that originally. Thanks for understanding guys :-)
I'm trying my BEST to wrap up requests before the end of the year. If I owe you anything,  please message me and let me know!
I can't take it anymore. Everybody at PLEX needs to be fired now.  That new "Sentai" looks ferociously RIDICULOUS.  I keep staring at the pictures but I can't figure out what the hell I'm looking at.  Why are they a party for your eyes? WHY!!!??!  I just don't understand.  They can't possibly be running out of ideas.  If they're this desperate, then they need to have some kind of contest or something.  And then the arms are a darker shade of the rest of the suit...It looks like Sentai just committed suicide.  I need to freeze myself for a year Cartman style...until the next one comes out.  Maybe they all are crazy about that 2012 stuff, and they think the world is gonna end, so why even bother anymore.  I just...can't.