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Game of Thrones Excel! Round 2 - Tyrion vs Cersei

Update: hey guys, I am not selling higher res prints here [link]

First of all gotta give thanks to the fiercestbard [link] for those awesome petyr and varys cameos and Mistressmiel [link] for that badass table and that sweet ass candlestick.

Took me longer but I finally managed to finish! I am actually pretty happy with the way it came out. I really had only one layout for this concept as where the first one I drew out several different battle poses and even different match ups.

So, Tyrion vs Cersei? who do you think would win?

hey guys, if you get the chance visit chromaengine [link] It's my interwebz site, I'll be posting up lots of stuff there =P

I used pencil, CS5, Sai and all that good stuff =P
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This is so epic!!! Love it! <3
I know it's probably cheeky to ask for requests but I can really see a Hodor with Bran on his back fighting against a freaky wight.
XD Tyrion special attack : bitechu selapu ! XDD
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And the fights continue! :)
I like how both Tyrion and Joffrey have someone to do all the fighting for him (Tyrion because, to be fair, he's a dwarf, and Joffrey, well, because he's just a spoiled little $#&%).  But in all seriousness, a 2-in-1 combatant would definitely work especially because it's done before; just look at Ferra/Torr in Mortal Kombat and the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros.
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Tyrion's Imp-slap returns. 
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>>> Pycelle, lil finger, and Varys are enjoying the show. lol
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what fighting game did you draw influence from?
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These are awesome
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all hope is not lost!

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This is absolutely brilliant, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this if it was real! Great Hud setup as well dude!
I'd play it.  Also, you have one of my favorite characters beating up my least favorite character, so that makes it instantly awesome.
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I just want that game! Hahaha Imp Slap FATALITY! :D Excellent idea, excellent mix! I just love it!
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Next, the Red Viper vs. a White Walker/The Night's King, Ramsay vs. Jon Snow or Gregor Clegane vs. Daario Naharis or Bran Stark. GAME! OF!! THRONES!!!
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varys, little finger and the old mate behind hahahahha
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My dream come true !! Go Tyrion kill this bi*** !
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Tyrion's bitchslap is so op ^^
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i'd buy the shit outta this game.
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MEGA SLAP! FATALITY! :P I like Joff's "watch out, we have a badass in here" pose
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Haha I wish it's a real game. Excellent:)
Cool stuff! I love the idea of Tyrion and Bronn playing as a puppet style character.
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