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Game of Thrones Excel!!!!!

Omg! A new "Game of Thrones" fighting game for ps3!!....
lol, nah this is what happens when I have to much free time on my hands...I should really get started on muh video games and building new web content.

Khal Drogo vs Robb Stark

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback I've been receiving, I never thought I would be so immense. Originally this was a one shot about my wildest fighting game dreams but it looks like I'll be producing more soon. But seriously, you guys are awesome! you make me want to create more, thank you again.

UPDATE 2: As crazy as it sounds and although its a reeeeally long shot, I will look into licensing and kickstarter. Hey you never know, anything is possible, especially if you have an awesome community to get your back. However, I am starting up a production team in creating games for various platforms.

UPDATE 3: Tyrion vs Cersei on the way!

UPDATE 4: Tyrion vs Cersei Loading is screen up, be sure to visit if you have time, I'll be posting up some WIP's and and possibly more characters yay!

UPDATE 5: Looking into licensing, probably not possible but still trying... If anything, we are protected by parody rights ;)

Check out chromaengine for updates and WIP's [link]
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Fantastically great! Really wonderful the way this looks! Hope you'll do some action like scenes!
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i can't see your site!!! 

i love this work!
this would certainly get me into the series.
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You got me all excited with the game announcement ;)

Looking forward to see more of you.
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I'm imagining this like if it was a Guilty Gear match.

~You win or you die!~
         ~Duel 1~
     ~Let's Rock!~
Jajaja, cm on!! Drogo defeats Robb with a single swing..
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This should be a thing! ... So epic >  <
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it should be a fighting game

and there should be fatalities
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Ah, I found this a while ago, but now I found it again!  Excellent work!  :)
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Long live the men of the North.
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...this should be a thing :O
Outstanding!  You should do more.  Maybe an Arya vs The Hound, Red Viper vs. Jaime Lannister, or Jon Snow vs. A White Walker.
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that would be cool
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This is an awesome concept!
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Great job, I would love to play such game especialy if it would be online web brouser no download easy game :)
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My want knows no bounds
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Excellent work - I'd LOVE to play this game!:D (Big Grin) 
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This certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "when you play the Game of Thrones you win, or you die".
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Damnit ! Curse your awesome artwork : I really believed for a sec it was a real screenshot !! Well done !!
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I'm dreaming of a Kickstarter project for this! :D Would pledge all my money!
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i would buy this game for sure
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Grey Wind as an ally for Robb?
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I like how angry Robb looks.  Perfect for a fighting game.
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