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Now for something really dark…

For Windows Vista SP1 32bit & 64bit

A totally dark theme with grey backgrounds.

If you download it and enjoy it, please add it to your favorites :+fav:!

For the best effect, go into Windows Color & Appearance and choose the Graphite color scheme.

Media Player from :iconlonghornfusion: here is a [link]

Icons from :icondanillooc: here is a [link]

8/21/08 fixed bug on border of start menu options
12/28/08 now with 64 bit files!

---The Stuff---
New IeFrame.dll will change color of tabs and new back & forth buttons.

New Browseui.dll will change the back & forth buttons to match IeFrame.dll.

And lastly drag theme files into c:\windows\resources\themes.

All these files must be replaced from your current files for the complete effect. Follow procedures included in this pack. Be careful as they are system files and if not properly replaced it may cause your system not to start.

I included the wallpaper…

To the “newbies” I stress the fact, go slow and follow directions properly!

The instructions...

First of all, we as themers sometimes forget how difficult it was for us in the beginning to install these themes and change .dll files so that we may max out our visual style or theme experience. I realize how frustrating it must be when our PC does not start after we change any .dll or .exe file.

So do it at your own risk!

Below there is an explanation on how to step by step on what to do to install any theme with all the bells and whistles. These instructions, of course, are only for the Windows Vista SP1 Operating System.

First thing to do is disable UAC. Go into control Panel and click on Administrative Tools, then Local Security Policy, then choose Security Options, Scroll to User Account Control; Run all Administrators in Admin Approval mode double click it and disable UAC. This will now allow you to change anything on your Vista Operating system without OS informing you don’t have Admin privileges. You will still have to take ownership of files to rename and replace them.

In order to take ownership or rename any .dll or .exe files right click on any .dll or .exe file, Go into properties...Tab into security...Click Advanced, Tab into Owner, Click Edit, Highlight Administrators and apply, click yes when prompted...then exit out of properties all together, Right Click the .dll file again, Go into properties...Tab into security... then click edit, Highlight Administrators, Click allow full control and apply, click yes when prompted...and you’re done...Now all you have to do is replace old with new.

In order to do this… you must rename the old IE;
ieframe.dll as ieframe.dll. old and drag the included ieframe.dll in c:\Windows\System32\

Then Restart. You don’t have to restart, but it is the easiest way.

Secondly you must patch your system. You can either use Tune Up Utilities, the beta version of VistaGlazz or patch it manually.

For VistaGlazz, here is the [link]

To patch it manually, here is the [link]

Just follow instructions stated in the link

Be Careful! Especially if you are replacing Explorer.exe, IeFrame.dll or Brouwseui.dll on account any of these will, if not properly renamed or replaced, might cause your PC not to work properly or start at all. SO I WOULD CHANGE ALL FILES VERY SLOWLY and carefully and follow instructions so that no issues arise.

But if in case something does go wrong, a system restore will do the trick, if it does not… Use your Windows Vista installation disk… You must reboot with Windows Vista Installation CD in drive and boot with CD when prompted. You will have to choose repair your PC and it will prompt you to choose method, choose System Restore. Now you will be able to restore with no problems as disk will have necessary files that you may have deleted or changed and is not allowing you to restore without disk.

Then all you have to do is try again. Have fun!

© 2008 - 2023 dynacord
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inless i am doing something wrong... but im pretty shure i didnt
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