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Ulmo, Guardian of the Ancient Waters


Inspired by the Valar, Ulmo from Tolkien's, The Silmarillion .

"Ulmo was second in majesty of the Valar, after Manwë and before Aulë; in other words, he was the second of the Aratar. He was very close friends with Manwë" he is King of Arda - the world.

Ulmo was the best singer and maker of music. This translates into the fluidity and versatility of water on Earth, blending with air to form clouds, freezing into ice, running on rivers and mixing in with all aspects of life and landscape. The Elves owe their skill in music to the early teachings of Ulmo and recognize his melodies in the running of streams and rivers as well as the beating of the waves on the sea. Ulmo had always distrusted Melkor, and the Dark Lord feared the Sea almost as much as he feared Varda, because neither could be tamed.

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I almost feel the pressure of tons of water at the bottom of the ocean, so suggestive and atmospheric and amagical and magnificent is this piece. It is breathtaking and enchanting. This trully is vala of water, surrounded by whales, emanating eerie green light, somewhat gloomy, incredibly powerful and with caring vibes. Hats off.