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Sacrifice, a tale of Tyr and Fenrir

By DymondStarr
This is a commission piece! A 3ft x4ft oil painting for a military Vet & teacher of ancient history! #DymondStarr
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© 2015 - 2021 DymondStarr
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Incredible do you take trades?
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DAMN that is some awesome stuff dude!! Love the perspective n' lighting!
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This is a great and very impressive drawing. You have captured the 'moment' exceptionally well.  Well done indeed!

It reminds me of the legendary Silmarillion, of that moment when Beren and Luthien were halted by the great wolf of Angband, and  Beren came forth with the bright silmaril in his hand.
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Thank you! :)
Tolkien did base a lot of his stories around norse mythology, as much as he did with greek, christianity and more. 

I love Tolkien's work, I'm currently working on direct references from the Silmarillion now. I am creating the series of the Valar, almost done with Manwe, about to start Morgoth. :D (Big Grin)  
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O! that is great to hear! I am ever eager to see new Tolkien art. Will you be making some moments from the stories too?
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 Perhaps still getting through these characters. Maybe some famous ones like Beren and Luthien! :D
Exquisite, thank you for your work.
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Awww! WOW! Thank you!
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Well done indeed, personally both Tyr and Fenrir both fit the two sides of my personality that I exude.
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haha Awesome!
And thank you :D!
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Very well done!
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Thank you!
Haha, it tooks some time.
Kind of burnt out on giant paintings for now.
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I can imagine.
Keep on being awesome!
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Permission to use this picture as a post for an Asatru Facebook page? I will give credit to you and link to this picture. 
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You can use it, as long as you don't try to make a profit off it.
Credit is much appreciated. With my name you can link to facebook page if you don't mind,

Thanks :D
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Thank you! I used it a while back and gave you full credit for your work. I also gave you a link to your deviantart. Not trying to profit off it but I just want to give credit where it's due. :D
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:D This is some stunning work. You should be proud! ^^
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Thank you for your kind words! ^_^
Sorry for the delay haven't been on DA in some time.
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