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Manwe King of the World, and the Breath of Arda

King of valar, the eldar, and of the world that is Arda; in Tolkien's The Silmarillion. He is king of the world, that is arda. Husband to Varda, and feared by Sauron's predecessor, Morgoth. Morgoth the fallen brother of Manwe.

The Silmarilion is the book before all the books. The 1st age. Before the blade that was broken was renewed. Before hobbits started going on unexpected adventures. And curesed Turin found his way before his end. 
There were the Elves, Illuvatar, and the nothingness.

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For me, Morgoth os more than just the predecessor of Sauron, there is a relation of mentoring between them, isn't it? Morgoth is the terrible (because divine) shadow behind the real creature wich is Sauron.
And more over, Morgoth just want to sing is own song, out of Manwë's one.
I don't know of what i say is canonic or totally personal, so don't be shy and correct me if i done some mystifications.