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Aurek: The Steampunk Rogue

Here she be, the character I had dreamed up and imagined in this journal post here has come into his own in the above illustration. His name is Aurek, he is the Steampunk Rogue of Ontario and he is a force to be reckoned with to be sure:)

On a serious not I drew Aurek out in Adobe Illustrator first as a straight vector image, and then imported him into Photoshop where I applied a texture of bent and worn magazine pages found here to a background I drew up and a parchment texture also found here overtop of Aurek to give him an aged photo effect.

So far the only real rogue tool of his is the "Steampunk Taser" he's seen wielding here from the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, though I'm sure more tools will come as I think them up. Aurek's main weapon however is the information he acquires and then uses against his foes. At least thats the plan I have for him now.

So hopefully I will soon have an actual costume made out of this character and some material documenting his exploits and adventures. Stay tuned!
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He looks spooky. That isn't an anal prob is it? :fear:

I like the worn paper texture. Nice work!
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Why thank you for the spooky look and the worn paper texture comment. The device in his hand is actually a primitive 19th century taser that I borrowed from the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie. Also I can't take credit for the worn paper either, it came courtesy of a scan of an old magazine page from the 1970's. Thanks again for the kind words as always:)
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I didn't know they had tasers back in the 19th century. :o
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Well as far as I know they didn't, which is why it was sort of a joke when it appeared in the movie Sherlock Holmes, though it did fit in with the context the movie portrayed the taser in. It's a good movie and I do highly recommend it!
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Is it a comedy movie? I like those the most.
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It's a drama with action and comedic elements I guess you could say, have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. All I can say is that I highly recommend it:)
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Thank you very much there, I appreciate the kind words!
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Cool! I really like the style of this, the thick lines, cartoony hands, and classy outfit, so awesome :D
It's neat how you have his weapon in this picture to be that taser thing from Sherlock Holmes '09 movie too
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Love it! It's a very unique look! :)
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Thanks Tahitia! Your the best:)
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